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“Whoever wants to see the damage of the business fracture, should see the film of Venezuela”: President Duque · The head of state asked that Colombia.

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Sam Worthington Fracture, Netflix thriller that causes a couple of shocks and a few suspicions, but not much more than that.

Thriller by Sam Worthington (Avatar) and directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist). Videos. Fracture.

Sam Worthington Fracture, Netflix thriller that causes a couple of shocks and a few suspicions, but not much more than that.

Fracture (Fractured) ^ Analysis and Explanation – El Sabanero X

Fracture) has been the big surprise of October on the Netflix web platform, and that is that one could not expect less from a movie.

Synopsis of the film:

The first thing that is noticeable about Ray from the beginning of the film is that he has a serious problem with alcohol. And it is not precisely as a consequence of the tragedy that he lived with his first wife Abby, it is a problem that Ray has had for a long time and that said tragedy simply strengthened and complicated. About eight years before the events of the film, Ray was driving with his wife Abby, who was pregnant; the problem arose because Ray was driving while intoxicated and caused an accident in which Ray and his unborn daughter died.

But guess what… by not receiving cards at the station store, Ray used the cash to buy alcohol and camouflage it with coffee, instead of buying Peri’s batteries, Ray was so desperate to continue drinking his alcoholic coffee. , that when Joanne asked him to check the backseat of the car, to see where Peri had left her makeup, he didn’t even drop the cup and it spilled.

While Ray was in charge of cleaning the seat, Peri dangerously approached the edge of a construction hole, cornered by a wild dog. When Joanne returned, she realized the facts and claimed Ray, and Ray, in a state of semi-consciousness, due to the blow he received trying to catch Peri, threw his wife against the iron rods discovered in the well.

In that fantasy Peri was fine, and Joanne represented the voice of his subconscious, encouraging him to go ahead and save them. Ray’s fantasy continued on the road and inside the hospital. According to what the hospital staff reported, Ray arrived at the hospital and requested to be treated for his head injury, however Ray refused to have the brain scan the doctor recommended and became violent, demanding to see Abby. , his first wife.

Ray decided to go to the waiting room to rest, while Abby arrived, and when he wakes up, the events of the film begin where he believes that his daughter has disappeared in the hospital. Now, everything that happened between the moment Ray murders Joanne and the moment he wakes up in the hospital waiting room, believing that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped are fragments fabricated in his head, based on actual events.

For example, the detailed description of the possible effects of a blow to the head, as well as the faces of Dr. Berthram, Bruce, and Nurse Anne, come from the times when Ray was treated for his blow, but he twisted that reality and he modified it to convince himself that the one who had been treated was his daughter. That explains why Ray had a healing on his forehead, when in his fantasy he had said he was "a tough guy" and therefore didn’t need medical attention.

Due to the mixture of two factors: the first, without a doubt, was the severe blow to the head he suffered for trying to save Peri. This, as the two doctors in charge of your case pointed out, can cause problems in the way the brain processes and organizes information. The fantasy, exacerbated by his physical problem at the cerebral level, allowed him to deal with the trauma and above all through his own fault. He enters an operating room where a boy was being treated for appendicitis, takes him out of there, wounded, and attacks the operating room staff, then shoots Bruce.

At that point, Ray is not only guilty of the deaths of his wife and daughter, but of kidnapping, assaulting a hospital, and attempted murder against several staff members. However, there seems to be evidence that Ray was right, the first is the absence of the admission file in the name of Ray Monroe and the second is the scarf that appeared near the bed where Ray claimed that Peri had been seen by him. Dr Berthram. And now the scarf. Here it can only be argued that when Ray entered the hospital he had the scarf with him and when he was treated by the doctors, he dropped the scarf that was impregnated with the girl’s blood after falling.

At the end of the film we see things from the real point of view. However, Ray took a patient with appendicitis out of the operating room and mistook him for his wife and daughter, after attacking the hospital staff, he put the subject in his truck, and there, he began to sing the rainbow song that he had sung at the beginning of the movie.

If you pay attention to Joanne’s words, in Ray’s fantasy, that is, after he dies in the construction hole, her message is always violent. A second message of this film is to allow ourselves the benefit of the doubt.

For much of the film, and although there was overwhelming evidence against Ray, we, the viewers, completely sided with him, on the side of an insane killer, because the man simply arouses our solidarity, believing that he is fighting for a just cause. A fantasy in which some are fascinated by believing that they are the victims fighting for their rights, instead of seeing the sad reality, that they are the cannon fodder of the executioners, manipulated by their three-peso demagoguery.

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