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Ray and his wife travel with their daughter across the country, but while stopping at a gas station, the little girl trips and breaks her arm. After several hours of waiting in the hospital, the girl is treated and Ray, exhausted, falls asleep. When you wake up, don’t.

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You saw ‘Fracture’, the new Netflix movie, but it was not very clear to you what was real and what was not. We explain the end of this.

Fracture (original title in English: Fractured) is an American thriller film, directed by Brad Anderson (director, among others.

fracture. Netflix. Towards the end of the film, and still convinced that Joanna and Peri are being dismembered, Ray goes to the basement of the.

We explain what was real and what was not in ‘Fracture’, the Netflix movie

Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky, Adjoa Andoh and Lucy Capri are the "Fracture".

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Synopsis of the film:

The Moores are on the highway and stop at a gas station because the girl needs to go to the bathroom. Fracture ending explained Everything seems to indicate that Ray’s family was kidnapped by hospital staff, but in the end the plot of the film changes completely. Let’s go by steps and recap what happens in the movie. Netflix In Fracture, little by little we get to know the story through the character of Ray, so we see his past and his present.

We find out that his relationship with Joanne is Ray’s second marriage, as his first wife was killed in a car accident. For much of the movie, Ray wears Peri’s yellow scarf, but that doesn’t really mean she’s alive. It is important that you pay attention to the details: Peri and Joanne are not characters invented by Ray’s mind, but the whole story of the hospital and the disappearance is.

Netflix Peri did suffer an injury fleeing from a dog, fell into a well and hit her head so hard that she died at that moment. The story of the disappearance only exists in Ray’s mind, the theory that both were kidnapped by a network of organ traffickers is false and the bodies that he puts in a wheelchair to leave the hospital are those of the victims of a car accident treated at this location.

The mind of this character created the story we see on the screen because reality is quite different. recommended video.