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Fredrick Andrews, better known as Fred Andrews, was one of the main characters in Riverdale. He was played by actor Luke Perry.

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Entered and participated in The CW series Riverdale, based on the Archie comics created by John L. Goldwater. There he played Fred Andrews.

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Chapter One: The River’s Edge Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil Chapter Three: Body Double Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness.

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Entered and participated in The CW series Riverdale, based on the Archie comics created by John L. Goldwater. There he played Fred Andrews.

The fourth season will include the brother of Fred Andrews – Riverdale – Spoiler Time

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And Riverdale is finally finally coming back! Tonight’s episode was hilarious to say the least. So let’s dig into the details, because I know that’s what matters to you. Warning: spoilers ahead. We open the episode with a pretentious voiceover from Jughead. Anyway, Archie who’s better than Jughead doesn’t have it to me, he doesn’t have a license, but he drives his dad, Fred, to the hospital because, remember, Fred was shot.

Whether he lives or dies remains a mystery, but the psychological dream of Fred missing Archie’s graduation makes me think it’s bad news. Alice makes some grim remarks about the Southside Serpents, which I love because I’m not Team Jughead. The dark knight? Archie calls his mother, Molly Effing Ringwald, to tell her the news.

Jughead tags along because he’s nosy and lives for the drama. The sheriff asks Archie what the shooter did after shooting his father; Archie hesitates, as if he knows something, but says nothing. Jughead notices this bastard and suggests the shooter’s motive wasn’t just a robbery. Jughead asks Archie why he hesitated to tell the sheriff the whole story, and he says it’s because he thinks one of the Southside Serpents who worked for Fred might have done something.

Jughead agrees to check this out, because of course he does. In another strange near-death dream, Fred has visions of his dead relatives literally touching his trailer to take him to the afterlife. These are strangers, and I want them to stop. Veronica cringes because she doesn’t know how to deal with Archie being sad.

The first thing Archie wants to do when he gets home is walk his dog. He doesn’t want to change his bloody clothes. He just wants to walk his fucking dog. Meanwhile, Jughead confronts the South Side Serpents about what Archie told him at the hospital. Keep in mind that Archie is washing his father’s blood off his skin. WTF type of vampire shit are Archie and Veronica on?!

Kevin, genius that he is, tells Betty that she needs to stay away from Jughead because he’s a South Side Serpent. I mean, I get that that’s the logical reason not to go, but I think Betty should get rid of Jughead just because he’s annoying and wears hats. Then Chery Blossom shows up at the hospital looking at the AF bomb and spews some lies about how a candle started the fire in Thornhill.

Meanwhile, after sex, Archie throws Veronica out for losing Fred’s wallet, which she didn’t even do. Archie tells her to go away, but since Veronica is a saint, she refuses and instead comforts him as she cries in his arms. It is tender.

The sheriff of salt and pepper sandwiches makes Archie choose from a group of masked robbers, which seems like a pointless exercise. They go. I am bored. Archie goes to his hospital room and starts saying positive things hoping he’ll wake up.

Fred has another terrifying death dream. He wants to wear F’s jacket. I’m worried. Betty doesn’t want him to get hurt, which is understandable. Cheryl goes to Baby Jane and threatens to kill her mother if she tells anyone the truth about the fire. It’s a really creepy scene but I love Cheryl and would jump off a cliff for her.

yay, queen. You look so good! Archie tells his friends that he was paralyzed with fear when Fred was shot by the assailant. He just knelt down on the spot and closed his eyes until he heard the shooter walk away from Pop, so it’s entirely possible this guy grabbed Fred’s wallet. So Archie walks in to see Cheryl kissing Fred on the forehead. Again Cheryl can’t do no wrong.

Another dream of psychological death. This time it’s Veronica in that wedding dress, which explains all those photos that were leaked a few months ago. Minutes later, Fred wakes up…as expected. This is a horrible idea. My evidence? Grab your hat and run, Jughead! Veronica grimly tells her parents that Fred Andrews woke up and left. This is literally how the episode ends, and I just can’t. I’ve missed you Riverdale.