French Nail Design

Nail Design: French Manicure With Silver Strips

how to do french pedicure at home. One toenail design that never goes out of style is the French pedicure.

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Surely you know that showing off well-groomed hands and nails is essential to have a good presence.

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For many women who prefer those more conservative and traditional designs, nails fixed with French manicure is the way to have our.

Designs Types Of French For Nails

The French manicure, a classic style of wearing nails, is reinvented. nails, don’t forget to apply blotting glitter to avoid staining the design.

Key trends for long nails

Every beauty wants to find a beautiful design for her. And now we will share important subtleties when combining a jacket with long nails. Nail shape for French manicure Long nails can have various shapes.

In general, each girl chooses the shape of the nails individually, paying attention to her pedigree shape of the nail plate and, of course, personal preferences. Key Trends for Long Nails There are a lot of French manicure designs that girls prefer for long nails. Another very important point in the performance of manicure is the implementation of a harmonious color scheme.

French on long nails with rhinestones Rhinestones are an integral element of French manicure, especially when it comes to long nails. After all, such a manicure should look great and amazing.

Sparkly rhinestones add luxury and sparkle to nail art. The hole in several fingers filled with this decoration looks very original. If you want to give the nail art tenderness and femininity, then use small rhinestones and place them directly on the smile line with a thin strip. We advise you to read: Matte New Year’s manicure in different colors.

French on long nails with drawings Drawings on long nails reveal open spaces of creativity for fashionistas. First of all, you need to decide on the desired design and style of manicure. If the nails are very long, the pattern can replace the smile on the jacket. Regarding the drawings themselves, there are no specific criteria, girls can do whatever they want on the nails.

It looks incredibly stylish with lace on the free edge of the nail or on a plate, consolidated from the French manicure. For the summer and spring season, masters recommend that prints of plants and animals be made.

French – ombre for long nails Ombre – a smooth transition from one color to a completely different one. This technique looks very attractive and original. The choice of colors for such nail art is up to the girls. It is very important that the manicure matches the main palette of the wardrobe. It is not necessary to carry out this design on all nails, an ombre can be decorated with just a few fingers, thereby giving incredible emphasis to beautiful female hands.

To complete the French millennium, you can use various additional decorations in the form of drawings, rhinestones or other elements. We advise you to read: White manicure – fashionable design ideas for nails of any length The shape of a smile can be absolutely any: triangular, extending to the center of the marigold, with a double strip and others.

At the same time, do not limit yourself to making an unusual smile to make impressive nail designs. French on long nails with pattern Not always masters have unparalleled artistic abilities. Very often stamping is used when performing the smile itself.

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