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Decorated French Nails: Ideas To Inspire You

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‘Color french’: Colored French nails that are easy to do at home. Put a twist on the French manicure you love so much and add color.

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The French nail manicure will be a trend again ❤ in It has been repeated among the most ❤ French nail decorations for a long time

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The nailart does not stop evolving, and the French manicure was not going to be less. Discover original designs: ✓ French Nails Decorated ✓ With Colors ✓ Of.

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And it’s no wonder since few designs are as elegant as this one. But nail designs do not stop evolving, and the French manicure was not going to be less. If you want to give your usual French nails a twist and renew their style, pay attention to this photo gallery.

If we add the French manicure as a design to the gel nails, we have enviable hands. When wearing very long nails there are certain colors or designs that can be too impressive in certain jobs that, due to aesthetics, or company conditions, prevents wearing a manicure that is too striking.

all is fair in this world. You can opt for pastel or neon colors for summer. Red or black for special occasions, and add sparkle for parties and celebrations. Imagination to the power. Well, draw a star on the tip of one of your nails. add a heart. It is true that you do not have space to draw a field of flowers, but you do have room for a single.

If you have short nails you can make a fine line with guides, so that the very fat fingers are not seen. Try to change the design a little bit and paint the line on one side, or in the middle of the nail. But to that elegance we can add a drawing to create a groundbreaking French nail.

If you are daring, you can do the French manicure in powerful colors such as red or black and give a twist to the traditional French manicure. Here I leave you some ideas of decorated French nails without first warning you that you will like them all so much, that it will be difficult for you to choose just one. As in all the previous ones, the options are innumerable. Its name already says it, it is originally from Paris and is characterized by the natural pink color of the base of the nail with white tips.

It’s like wearing your natural nail with a bit of white on the tips. In fact, the acceptance was such that Jeff decided to call them French Manicure, what we know as French manicure. If you have short nails you can wear this type of manicure without problem. So I’m going to give you a couple of tricks.

The first is that, after having put your base coat on and it is very dry, put a little tape on the nail, leaving free the final part of the nail that you are going to paint. Put the white enamel there, or the color you want and when it is dry remove the zeal. The second option is to put white nail polish on the side of the thumb and rest the tip of the nail you are going to paint on it, moving it from side to side to cover the entire nail. Here it is possible that it will not be so straight but it is a very good way to learn.

If you have a good hand you can do it directly with the brush of the brush. They lengthen their appearance. Share on Facebook.

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