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How To Do The French Manicure Step By Step

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These types of files are very practical because they allow you to shape your nails, polish them, smooth them and give them shine with a single product. 4 way.

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French manicure can also be applied over gel nails or acrylic nails. And in this one.

This type of manicure is sought after above all for its understated elegance. For a long-lasting French manicure, modeling gel or nails are recommended.

The new French manicure that you will see in summer – The Beauty Effect

A good helper for French manicure: 3 styles of French manicure nail edges can be applied to make various kinds of French manicure from.

French manicure for beginners, explained step by step.

The French manicure is the mother of manicures and has been done since the beginning of the century French manicure for beginners, explained step by step. Removes the remains of old nail polish from the previous manicure. For this we recommend a very economical homemade solution based on teeth whitening and natural lemon juice. Dampen nails in solution and brush to thoroughly clean.

Our advice is that you opt for the first option, since the process of cutting the cuticles is very delicate and you should only do it in a beauty salon. Apply a layer of nail hardener with vitamin E to prevent flaking and soft nails. Remember to apply thin layers so that they adhere better to the nail. Once the colored nail polish is dry, apply a line of white nail polish to the tips of each nail, this is the special touch of the French manicure.

At first it may scare you to see so many steps, but if you look at the first 5 they are the same for all manicures, so in the end there is not so much news. Other variants of the French manicure Always having the French manicure as a root, other very similar manicures have been emerging as far as the process is concerned. For example, the same double French manicure but with two lines, white or of a different color, the Ruffian manicure also called inverted French manicure, or the French manicure with the same colors but combining different colors for the base and for the line.

With these steps you have the basis to start doing your French manicure from home.