Fried Fish

How to Get a Perfect Fried Fish

For your recipes to be the best you must master basic techniques, that’s why today we tell you how to prepare fried fish step by.

Fry each fish fillet for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown on both sides. Then drain the excess oil by placing the.

Ingredients · How to Prepare Fried Fish · How to Make WHOLE FRIED FISH. CRISPY Fried Dorada Recipe with and without FLOUR.

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Fried fish: how to prepare it easily step by step

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Back I have heard many women who come to visit the Pacific and comment disappointed how it is that the fish they prepare at home is not as tasty as the one they eat in my restaurant. But I want to share 8 tips for you to discover how to get a perfect fried fish and when you come to visit me you can show off too: 1. Maintain the flavor of the fish For me, this is essential. We just have to salt the fish in a container and let it rest while we prepare the rest of the ingredients and utensils that we need for the preparation.

Likewise, it is best to dry it with an absorbent cloth so that the humidity does not cause the oil to jump. Coat it If you want to make the fish breaded, you can use your favorite breading mix. For me, the IMUSA el Original Cauldron is ideal, since it allows us to have space to turn the fish, ensuring that they do not stick together and that the oil does not burn quickly.

Temperature My recommendation is to fry the fish in abundant oil, covering it completely and at medium temperature so that it cooks evenly and its cover does not burn. As soon as it is golden on both sides, we take it out of the oil and place it on absorbent paper to remove the excesses.

It is best to take it to the oven at a very low temperature so that it stays dry and crispy. Avoid odors in the kitchen It is no secret that when preparing fish, the kitchen is impregnated with an odor that we do not like very much. My tip to prevent this from happening while preparing a perfect fried fish is to put a container of white vinegar next to the stove to reduce and eliminate possible odors.

I wait for you to visit the Pacific so that we can enjoy this and all the dishes full of Colombian flavor that this land has.