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How To Draw A Frog Step By Step

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In this drawing lesson we are going to learn how to draw a realistic frog in 7 easy steps. Step by step we will create our frog.

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How to draw a frog step by step – Teacher’s website

How to draw a frog from How to draw a frog coloring page for free. Thousands of free coloring pages.

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How to draw a frog step by step

These amphibian animals are well known throughout the world, but you may not know this about them. Some frogs change color between day and night. Now that you know these animals a little better, take a pencil and paper and let’s start with the tutorial. You can draw the frog in pencil and even print the design to color. Let’s start: Draw the nose and the mouth of the frog. Add the eyebrow. Draw the chin, neck and part of the front leg of the frog.

Also add his back and butt. Draw the frog’s other front leg and two of its toes. Also draw part of the hind leg. Complete the front and back legs, also adding a new toe to the right front leg. Draw a new toe for each front leg, add two new toes to the back and trace the frog’s belly.

To finish, draw the remaining eyebrow, the eye with a double circle and a stroke in the central part of the frog that divides its upper and lower part.