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Lunar Calendar July 2022: How And When To Cut Hair

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Phases of the Moon in Argentina Official Time. NEW New Moon d h:m, WAXING Waxing Moon d h:m, FULL Full Moon d h:m, WAXING Waxing Moon.

Lunar Phases July Perpetual lunar calendar If you wish you can see the list of all the days with a full moon or a new moon for the year

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Last quarter: Thursday, July 1 and Saturday, July 31. · New Moon: Saturday July 10. Crescent Moon: Saturday, July 17. · Full Moon: Saturday 24.

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July 10: new moon. July 24: full moon. The illuminated surface will continue to grow until the 24th at night.

Calendar of aguajes and lunar phase

Here we tell you the best tricks and days to do it. Pexel Discover the best days to cut your hair so that it grows healthy and shiny. Photo: Pixabay The lunar cycle and the way we cut our hair influences its growth, texture and appearance. This is why if you want to make a touch-up to your style or change your look, you should take into account the best days to do it and certain tips when using scissors.

In an interview with Cromos Magazine, Amparo Ortiz, hairdresser and hair care expert for 30 years, told us the best days to cut hair in July and how we should do it so that we have spectacular hair. Our grandmothers well knew that the lunar phases are fundamental when making a cut in our hair. According to Ortiz, the best lunar phase is the Waning Moon, since its energy positively affects hair growth.

In this sense, the best days in this month of July go from this Friday, July 2, to next Thursday, July 8. So schedule the blunting or change of look for these next few days. Dont miss the chance. For this case, Ortiz gave us three tricks to cut your hair at home, if you have it long or semi-long. Tip 1 – If you want to achieve layers in your hair, you should follow the following recommendations: – Untangle and comb your hair so that there are no knots.

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