Full Moon Water

Brew Full Moon Water Overnight To Bring Blessings Into Your Life

This November 19, at the time, the Full Moon in Taurus and an eclipse shared a recipe for moon water, with multiple benefits and uses.

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The Full Moon in Aquarius, or Blue Moon, is one of the most important astrological events of this year. Today we will tell you how to prepare.

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Moon water: a ritual to connect with the power of the full moon – Cyclical Woman

The influence of the full moon on water and, therefore, on our body (we are 80% water) is very powerful. We propose here a simple ritual to connect.

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Share on FB Tweet Spells and incantations in the light of the moon are something ancient and ancient. Our hominid ancestors already performed various rituals under the glare of our satellite. especially during the full moon. During the full moon there is a magnificent juncture to harvest powerful energy and use it in our lives.

With the moon you can feed future manifestations and revitalize body and spirit. The full moon water ritual is one of many. This water is healing and can be used to cleanse lower vibrational energies, balance the chakras, and even help heal the physical body.

Water stores information Water can contain enormous amounts of information, as reported by the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Water can absorb the energy of thoughts and intentions, whether positive or negative, as well as different astrological events. This is the reason why the rite of carrying and carrying water during the full moon is so powerful; can become a life-changing tool or medium, almost always for the better.

The important thing is your attitude and the energy that radiates. A simple meditation is all it takes. You have to choose the container During a full moon you should get a glass container: a bottle, a jug, a glass or any jar.

The vessel must be decorated The container must be decorated in the way that is considered appropriate at that time. Use you can choose to write inspirational words, quotes or messages on it with a knife or sharp utensil. It can be surrounded with precious stones. Allowing the water to fill with energy Once the container has achieved the desired appearance, it should be covered and placed outside, next to a window or the door. It is required to absorb the greatest amount of moonlight.

Before leaving it for the night, place your hand over the container and ask it to be charged with the energy of abundance, at the same time praying for some illumination in your life: Full Moon, please charge this water with abundance and happiness. Your sincere and intense intentional request should sound the way that makes you feel empowered and inspired to live your best life for a fruitful future.

After that, you should leave the container overnight and pick it up the next day. Uses of full moon water After collecting the water the next morning, the ritual process must be continued: another blessing and drinking a first sip of water. The ritual requires that you drink this water for 28 days in a row, taking only one sip. The rite can be carried out on special occasions. When this is required, said water can be used to prepare an infusion with full moon water.

At the end the water can be left until a blessed cleansing is required as it helps to purify the body and energy field. Full moon water is a means to achieve communion with the universe, so freedom must be experienced when ingesting it.