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Two women are responsible for its success. Patty Jenkins, its director, and Gal Gadot, the interpreter who plays the superheroine born on a matriarchal island. But at the same time, especially stilettos, they make you lose your balance. We can fall at any moment. And they’re not good for the back. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time, "explained the actress. Gal Gadot has worn flat shoes during the promotion of the film. I showed up late for everything. They made you wear evening dresses to breakfast and I didn’t wear them.

I didn’t put on makeup either," she told People magazine on another occasion about her time in the contest. She recorded Wonder Woman five months pregnant, that’s what it means to be a heroine The actress gave birth to her second daughter Maya last March. Four months earlier, the actress had to return to the set, put on the Wonder Woman costume and fight.

Gal Gadot posed pregnant on the red carpet of the Golden Globes with a Mugler dress. An article published by Variety in , in which they stated that the actress only received Numerous media outlets have recovered the figure to denounce the actress’s low salary and underline the wage gap in Hollywood stating that her partner, Henry Cavill, had pocketed 14 million dollars for playing Superman in Man of Steel. As the US edition of Vanity Fair clarifies, Cavill’s salary could not be verified, but industry sources point out that the figure "is crazy" and does not fit reality.

Also of those who have a mental cocoa about the meaning of movement. They say if he’s smart and strong, he can’t be sexy. It’s not fair. Last June, she gave the definitive statement in an interview with Temptations: «I think there is a very wrong idea about what it means to be a feminist, because there are people who see it as something negative.

That we hate men or we go around burning bras and don’t shave our armpits. It’s not that. For me, feminism is equality. It is having the same opportunities and the same rights, and everyone should be a feminist». Photo: Cordon Press No one better than her to play the superhero Before trying her luck in Hollywood, Gadot completed two years of compulsory military service in Israel, where she learned to handle weapons.

Those who claimed she was too skinny to fit into Wonder Woman’s skin underestimated her. And to those who said that she didn’t have big enough breasts to play the superheroine, she already answered them.

While the other actresses Olga Kurylenko, Elodie Yung, Jaimie Alexander were auditioning, Gadot was "about to lose her mind from waiting" locked in her dressing room. I started dancing and my anxiety went away. So thank you, Beyoncé," she confessed to W Magazine. Actress Gal Gadot was Miss Israel and completed two years of compulsory military service in her native country.

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