Game Of The Keys Season Two

The Game Of Keys 2 Releases In September

The second season of "The Game of Keys" was released on Thursday, September 16 by Pantaya in the United States and by Amazon Prime Video.

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the game of keys 2 season when it premieres.

Discover the 8 episodes of season 2 for the series The Game of Keys.

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Now they live with the unknown of whether they will be able to overcome the past or will have to surrender to their wishes. This second season will consist of eight episodes, the.

After Siena’s birthday

From the beginning of the second season we observe characters transformed by the game, as well as a tangible mirror of their metamorphosis in the spaces they inhabit, since each one is faithful to their personalities, concerns and desires at all times, since throughout from the series transform together with their owners.

However, there is one constant: Mexican talent, great design and art. Gaby Marimar Vega in the living room of her new house with Óscar. Möblum and Corazón Films Gaby y Oscar: the creative house This residence is committed to life, expression and the hope of new beginnings. Although it is as eclectic as its inhabitants, if it could be summed up in a trend it would be boho-chic. It seemed very important to us to have many textiles and natural materials.

The furniture that makes up the space is the Toulouse Steel Room, the Cicatrix coffee table, the Nolan chest of drawers, the Norton armchair and the Bergamo lamps, as well as various accessories such as the Shaggy rug and flowerpots. One of the favorite spaces is Astrid’s house because of the high doses of art it boasts and the role it plays in the series.

Art also plays a fundamental role in this space, in fact, Connie suggested that Astrid be related to the art world in her job. Valentín: the minimal dandy Exquisite and refined, this is how Connie defines the atmosphere of this character who seeks a new beginning after revealing and accepting his sexual orientation. At the same time, art and collectibles play a key role in reflecting the luxury lifestyle of the Lombard heir. The diversity of the couple moves to environments that dance between kitsch and art, fun and chaos.

It was a challenge for all of us who already had everything thought out and planned. In that sense, the second season of The Game of Keys underwent adaptations in the script and production to be carried out, however, the result is bold and ad hoc with the first season. Aside from the wedding, we did Astrid’s apartment at the spa. it was so much fun. Möblum has virtual and face-to-face installations in its Polanco, Miramontes, Interlomas and Toreo stores, among others, where they recreate the sets of the series.

We like to be distinguished for being different, daring, but above all connoisseurs of good design.