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Georgina Amorós: "After Burying Polo, Cayetana Also Buries The Mask"

The actress Georgina Amorós found love behind the scenes of the filming of Elite, the series with which she has made the international leap.

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Georgina Amorós has the three beaded necklaces that best combine with each other. The actress from ‘Elite’ has left us a ‘great look’ in which her.

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Georgina Amoros: "After burying Polo, Cayetana also buries the mask" – VEIN Magazine

We talked to the actress Georgina Amorós about her theater debut with ‘La Gaviota o los Hijos de’ at the Sala Joven del Teatro Festival.

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New Season Teatro Galileo Despite your youth, you are a very educated actress, even abroad. It was incredible. We did class from 8 in the morning to 3 in the morning. It was a very rare thing, but I had an incredible time. And recently, I discovered Fernando Piernas. At first yes, but I’ve gotten into it, with a lot of desire.

So, I met Pablo and fell in love with the text. There is a lot of Chekhovian, in the sense of having many stories, it also has a lot of comedy, a lot of spontaneity and a lot of the young. We are very interested in giving a voice to the young, young directors are 25 years old, they don’t have one. We want to give that a voice.

We are also very interested in the relationship between youth and power. Elite is a fiction series that has the very clear objective of entertaining. The teenagers in the series are very adult and have problems that I had no laugh at 17 years old, and luckily. To keep my feet on the ground, I try to surround myself a lot with my people. You have to try to contaminate yourself as little as possible from all the hustle and bustle that there is later.

We tell it from our experience, with our age and we add a little to it the problems that concern us. Chekhov also has something that is to let the imagination fly with what happens to the characters, in our case, the piece has a fourth act in which if it closes.

That also seems to me something very ours, that the characters dare to say things to the face. I am little consumer. It is something that has never caught my attention, but as a result of doing the work at the beginning we had many talks, about reality shows. We have discussed what would happen if we suddenly made a play that was a reality show. They are still the Greek tragedies. I think that sometimes we put ourselves in a place of moral superiority, of judging, and I am the first.

Not for the moment. I know that I have many things to learn and I will never stop because it is my way of seeing the profession. I don’t want to conform. I love filming, but what I like is being in a group creating. I like to be part of the creative because I like to understand and I like to be part. There is quite a lot that we have put on purpose. people and characters. because there is. There is a lot of darkness, they are people and characters who aspire a lot like fame, success, we talk a lot about youth, about not wanting to get old, that society continues to look at you and how with age, society sees you less.

It’s a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, I like them and I am a participant. I like to hang beautiful photos and, because of the visibility I have, I like to use them for things that matter to me, like, for example, a few days ago, making homophobia visible — Referring to the murder of Samuel Luiz- Sometimes I get a lot of comments about my body and I post messages so that they stop sexualizing our bodies.

They write to me from many places, if something penetrates my message, it’s like a little step gained. It’s not that I can change the world, but not everything is like pretty things. That is one of the negative parts of the networks, they compare us a lot, they send us messages so that we worry about external opinion, instead of looking inside ourselves and asking ourselves if we are really okay, if we are doing what we want.

I have a lot of anxiety, I have insomnia, it’s like I never feel enough. I always have a lot of anxiety because I feel like I’m not doing enough to get what I want. When things are achieved, you have to stop to see them and take advantage of the opportunities.