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German Garmendia recently revealed in one of his videos a characteristic of his girlfriend, Lenay Olsen, that will amaze many fans.

Lenay Olsen dies (girlfriend of German Garmendia). This is a satirical website. Don’t take it seriously. It’s a joke. Saturday 01 January Shares.

What his followers wanted to confirm was the love breakup of the Creole youtuber. Hello-I’m-German-without-girlfriend. Germán Garmendia himself opened the door to.

Allison Smith is the ex-girlfriend of German Garmendia. She only appeared briefly in the minute of The Pets, although only for a few seconds and in the background.

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Germán Garmendia does not stop sharing his best moments through social networks with Lenay Chantelle, his girlfriend since

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He had been in some controversies, including his explanatory video in clarifying about the accusation of using drugs to make his videos. Subsequently, his mother and brother traveled to various places before settling in the coastal city of Los Vilos, north of Santiago.

Following his interest, he formed a band called Zudex with his brother Diego and friends at the age of 13, uploading videos of his band at the time, he had not started his YouTube channels. Since , he has been dating an American TV personality and singer named Lenay Olsen. However, their relationship did not last and they divorced after two years in On the other hand, he has not shared details about his past relationships.

However, he responded to her controversial video but was later deleted. After that, in , he was scheduled to appear at the Telmex Digital Village event where the unplanned excess of people attended. The YouTuber then passed out due to the heat after which the crowd turned unruly and forced them through the barriers where light elements fell on the crowd and sustained injuries.

Subtitle: German Garmendia and Lenay Oslen. He is very active on different social media platforms with verified accounts. It goes through the German Garmendia twitter account with 11.7 million followers. His body weighs about 75 kg and chest and waist body measurements are unknown. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.