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The best scenes of girls kissing [Top 10]

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Today we bring you a varied number of kisses, but all with the same particularity, they are kisses between girls. As both the manga and the anime were left unfinished due to the author’s illness, the followers were left with the doubt and the desire to know how the story of Nana and Hachiko ended. Hachi freezes and starts to babble that she has a boyfriend, that she doesn’t like girls and so many other excuses, and Nana tells her that it was just a kiss, that it’s nothing important.

Haru Ichinose and Azuma Tokaku in Akuma no Riddle episode 7 Akuma no Riddle Episode 7 Akuma no Riddle is an anime that had a lot of potential Yuri and yet very few scenes where we actually saw some action Yuri.

The scene we chose is a fairly short kiss between Haru and Azuma, but it really deserves to be on the list for everything that kiss, which is the first between them, represents. Next to the cage he finds the key, which is both the fourth card that would serve to deactivate the bomb that Haru wears around his neck. Haru jumps into the water to rescue her and Azuma gives her the card, choosing to die herself and save Haru’s life.

This episode is from its second season, in which Illya and Miyu believed that they could spend some time in peace, until a girl very similar to Illya appears, but with very bad intentions. Of all the kisses seen in this anime, we chose the one between Miyu and Kuro because it is a very particular scene.

Kuro grabs Miyu by the wrists and surprisingly starts kissing her. But the best thing about this scene, although it is a kiss, is one of the good ones, it is Illya’s face, a mixture of WTF and petrificus totalus, when witnessing the kiss. A kiss that we had seen in the manga, but that in the first version of the anime had disappeared as a work of art. Giving Usagi no time to react, he tells her that playing fight is dangerous, and lunges at her to steal a kiss from her.

The fact of the matter is that in order to transform into weapons, the Exters have to be aroused to climax, and that is the task of the Liberators. This scene takes place in episode 3 and we chose it because it is the first time that Mamori takes the initiative to kiss Mirei to transform.

At that moment Mamori tries to persuade Mirei not to give herself up and Kazumi asks if she is his partner. Mirei says no, to protect her. Mamori tells Mirei that she is an idiot and kisses her. The scene we chose is of course the promised kiss. Attention that we are about to reveal the end of the anime, so readers, if you do not want to know, go to the next item on the list. Kureha has finally regained her memory, and with it her childhood wish, in which she wanted to be with Ginko forever.

Kureha’s new wish is to become a bear, so she can finally be with Ginko, who never forgot who she loved. Finally the girls have their long-awaited promised kiss and everyone lives happily ever after END 4. The kiss scene is so perfect, by the sea, at sunset, that even without having seen the anime you can breathe the intimacy that exists between them. Nagisa confesses that before she met Shizuma, she felt lonely, even though she was surrounded by people. Shizuma takes her by the hand and is about to kiss her, but at that moment he discovers the red ribbon that Nagisa wears on her wrist and asks about it.

Both begin to struggle and fall into the water. Shizuma finally kisses Nagisa, and the tie on his wrist comes undone. We love this scene in particular, because it’s funny, original and intimate. Haruka is in charge of collecting things from the gym and by accident she gets locked in the warehouse. Yuu and two companions go to rescue her with the help of a ladder. Yuu climbs the stairs and looks out the window of the warehouse. Haruka, in gratitude, kisses her.

Here comes another super spoiler alert, since this scene is the end of the anime and it is impossible not to cry when watching it. In his past life, to end the Orochi, he had to kill Himeko. Therefore, in this reincarnation, she had to make Himeko hate her and kill her, in order to exchange roles and die in her place. Himeko asks her if her declaration of love was also false, and Chikane tells her no, that she was always in love with her, but that she has no right to his love for all the bad things she did.

Himeko then kisses her to stop talking nonsense and we imagine all the spectators crying and clapping at the same time. And here we come with this gooey Yuri kissing top. If you think there is a scene that should be on the list, you can leave us a comment and we will gladly answer it. Meanwhile, we send lots of kisses to all our readers.

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