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Glitter – Its Use In Gel Polish Nails

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Jan – Explore Susana Sandoval’s board "glitter nails" on Pinterest. See more ideas about glitter nails, nail manicure, manicure.

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Glitter – Its use in Gel Polish nails – Nagelstudio Femeni Nails

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4 examples of the use of Glitter with Gel Polish

Now is the time to apply the glitter all over the nail, you can help yourself with a makeup brush to apply it in small taps and cover well every gap that may remain. Application of Color Gel Polish: we apply color in the usual way on the nails that do not have to have glitter.

Application of Top Coat On nails with pulp it is recommended to apply two layers of Top Coat Gel, on others one layer is sufficient. Remember to seal the free edges. Clean with an alcohol wipe and you’re done.

Gradient with Glitter The technique of gradient with Gel Polish, consists of creating a design in which at the base of the tip of the nail we find a greater amount of glitter that fades towards the cuticles. It is a look that can be used with a color underneath or simply with the natural nail, thus giving all the color to the manicure with the glitter applied. The Gel Polish application system is the same.

You have to keep in mind to leave that sticky film underneath, so that the glitter can adhere. Once the glitter adheres, apply two layers of Top Coat gel. French with Glitter It is a manicure that will not go unnoticed, whether you do it on one nail or if you apply it on all. The procedure is the same as above. Once with the first base coat cured, we wipe off the remaining dispersion film.

Then we make the shape of the French with a second base coat, cure half the recommended time and apply the glitter. I recommend applying it from a little distance without touching or pressing. You can help yourself with the cuticle pusher or the fan brush and once we have the French well covered, we tap the top of the finger to help remove any leftover glitters.

Once with the glitter fixed and the remaining glitters removed, we cover with two layers of Gel Top Coat. This manicure is very successful if we apply vibrant colors after the gel polish base and the half moon is done in turn with the same colors in glitter. We must clean the dispersion layer left by the colors once cured in order to proceed to create our crescent with the glitter.

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