Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails: Nails Decorated With Glitter

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You will have seen in many stores that sell Nail Art glitter sets, in which you find different colors and textures of glitters. They are very good options.

French Nail Colors

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About this item. % brand, suitable to apply on UV gel nails/acrylic nails/natural nails/etc. 12 different colored glitter powders.

4 tips for a glittery manicure 10ml/box Nail Glitters Powder Nail Tips White Silver Powder 1mm Manicure Nail Art Decorations: Beauty & Personal Care.

However, shiny nails or glitter manicure —perhaps without reaching the XXL excesses of Rosalía—, with that wonderful sparkling point, any type of festive event always has its moment and its place: the night. Be that as it may, the truth is that glitter is even used as an aesthetic decoration for desserts. Well, because here, in Spain, glitter is known precisely as glitter, and in other Spanish-speaking countries it is called glitter and even glitter.

It is an unmistakable element that is widely used both to embellish personal accessories and decorative objects. When applied, the result is exuberant, cheerful, and above all, in our case, in the manicure, flirty", explains Amaya Domínguez, Technical Director of Nails Factory. But let’s get to the really interesting part, which is to add a little sparkle to life with a glitter manicure. And best of all, the color possibilities are endless.

However, if it’s iridescent glitter, you can use different colors of polish for different effects. If you don’t have a soft makeup brush, try one made from camel hair; Avoid other types of brushes, as they are too stiff.

There are a large number of designs to elegantly wear a glitter manicure: from covering the entire nail completely, through a French manicure based on glitter enamel, or a special design on all the nails and makeup one of them with glitter. , until making a gradient based on the glitter itself.