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Charm Gold Gel for the reconstruction of nails with gold glitter: consult the Gamax catalog and buy online the best professional products for.

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You must have prepared a nail polish with gold glitter to be able to empty it on the nail to which you will give the shiny touch. Apply two coats of nail polish.

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20 Nail designs with a LOT of glitter to break lamps because nobody will shine more than you 2. A touch of gold on a white base.

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Materials to use: Container, measuring spoon, transparent acrylic, gold glitters and pointer. I apply a part of glitter and another part of transparent acrylic in a container. Then I mix both parts to get a perfect result and ready to apply on acrylic nails. Round shaped silver glitter.

Types of glitter for nails There are different types of glitter for nails such as confetti, glitter, seeds, scales, snails, crayons and etc. You can also get different sizes of small, medium and large glitter for nails. Glitter nail designs When a client arrives at the beauty salon, they are given a range of glitter nail designs so that they can choose the desired design.

The salon nail technician must please the client and must have knowledge of how to apply glitter on natural and false nails. Most of the time, clients request that the nail technician make a design on their ring finger. Customers can choose a glitter design that matches an activity or season of the year.

Different materials to encapsulate in acrylic. Nail decoration with glitter Nail decoration with glitter is recommended to all clients who want to show off their different and fashionable nails. You can make various designs on nails such as french shape, lines, heart, moon, star and circles. This glitter nail art can be done in gel polish or acrylic material.

These pigments provide an intense shine on natural nails or false nails. The glitters on acrylic nails are encapsulated by applying transparent acrylic. This technique is called crystal nails with glitter. The nail technician can recommend a variety of glitter to the client in order to place it in the space that has the extension of the natural nail or false nail.

You can encapsulate glitter in different shapes and colors on natural or false nails. Most suffer from it due to excessive heat abuse with irons and hair dryers.

Mix of glitter for acrylic nails with shades for this season