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gothic wedding

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1 Take a look at these modern gothic wedding ideas to see exactly what we mean! Invitations; Elegant suit; Color Pop;

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The gothic bride is the ambassador of love beyond death and is mainly characterized by wearing black. Many of them choose.

Gothic wedding: design ideas and the image of the newlyweds, photo

A gothic wedding is a different way of celebrating it, and there are couples who identify with this type of ceremony. Instead of adopting the typical dress.

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The Victorian style does not go unnoticed and is wrapped in a beautiful alo of mystery and drama. While in other weddings what prevails is "Until death do us part", in Gothic weddings that promise falls short. Everything shines in a beautiful ghostly environment where love triumphs eternally. But the truth is an autumn or winter forest or castle gardens are ideal locations.

Gothic table decoration in garden. Gothic interior decoration with Victorian lighting. As we have already said, everything is based on elements from beyond the grave, which, when well introduced, give a tremendously elegant result.

It is a subtle Victorian aesthetic. Black furniture cannot be missing because a wedding of this style is characterized by this color. The skulls are an essential element together with a floral decoration of dark colors. You can also introduce copper or gold objects. Silver cutlery is perfect. Black combined with purple gives a perfect result in gothic weddings and they are the hit colors of this style.

Introduce black candles because they are a reference of gothic wedding. Use Victorian-style candle holders since its aesthetic is ideal for this setting. Black wedding arches with floral decoration are very seen in the gothic style. Old books, mirrors, cameos, frames…etc, all Victorian style. It is for all this that many gothic couples find Halloween the ideal date for their wedding because it is the night of the year in which the veil between the living and the dead falls to meet again, being a beautiful way to remember their loved ones.

Remember that it is your wedding and not a costume party. The pumpkin has to be present to emphasize the Halloween setting. Many of them opt for beautiful Victorian court dresses. The black veil is perfect if the dress is Victorian style: If you prefer a princess cut dress and strapless don’t hesitate to choose sheer fabrics and velvet, as they are fabrics that are very much in keeping with the Dark aesthetic: Mermaid cut dresses with elaborate lace is an option that many goth brides prefer: you can also combine black with other dark colors creating strong contrasts if you wear the lighter hair color.

The result is incredible: If you want to be less conventional, opt for a two-piece wedding dress whose skirt is made of tulle and is well combined with lace on the upper part: The Gothic bridal bouquet should be in contrasting colors and dark shades math. The gray color is a hit at these weddings. If you belong to this movement and in your daily life the Dark aesthetic reigns, do not hesitate and take your style to the most important day of your life.

We hope that our tips and ideas have helped you and above all, that they have encouraged you to be yourself on your big day.

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