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11 Gourmet Jello Shots For ANY Occasion That Will Tempt You

Grind gr of fresh strawberries in the blender. Then beat 1 cup of cream and add the ground strawberries. Add the dissolved gelatin and mix well. Put it.

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Ingredients · Gelatin · Water 40 cc · Grenetina 2 tbsp · Condensed milk grs · Marzipan 7 Units · Evaporated Milk cc.

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11 gourmet jello shots for ANY occasion that will tempt you – El Meme

This gourmet chocolate jelly recipe is very easy and very delicious. It will take only a little while but you will be impressed by the delicious taste it has.

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Easy and delicious these gelatin shots will surprise your guests.

For all recipes: non-alcoholic liquids are heated to dissolve the gelatin and the vodka, rum, gin drink is added later, before taking the shots to the refrigerator 1 Shot of Wafflecitos Unflavored gelatin, prepared with orange juice squeezed without pulp, lemon juice and maple syrup can also be corn syrup. It is brought to the fire until the gelatin dissolves; then vodka is added with amaretto liqueur to complete and give it greater flavor.

Dissolve it in the heat and add cake-flavored vodka or vanilla vodka, vodka with amaretto. Then dissolve the plain gelatin in lemonade without pulp and add half cake-flavored vodka or vanilla vodka, vodka with amaretto and half condensed milk, COLD.

Separate the preparation into 3 and color with food coloring. Assemble the shots, letting each layer cool and between them place sparks or edible colored or silver flakes. The cups and molds to prepare the shots can be found in party favors and bazaars 6 Citrus Shots Cut oranges, limes and lemons in half.

save your juice. Empty them of pulp and let them dry for at least 2 hours before filling them. For the shot, prepare orange and strawberry jelly with orange, lime and lemon juices, and vodka, gin, tequila, rum, etc. Let cool well in the refrigerator for no less than 8 hours. Cut into quarters and present.

Take it off the heat and add condensed milk and cake-flavored vodka or vanilla vodka or vodka with amaretto. Separate into 6 different containers and add food coloring of a different color to each one. Pour each color with at least half an hour of prior refrigeration between layers.

Present with vodka whipped cream and colored sprinkles. The preparation is separated in two and melon or watermelon liqueur is added to one and apple or peach to the other. They are put in coolers with a stick in the refrigerator until they solidify. It can be decorated with pieces of pink grapefruit.

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