Gratin Potatoes With Ham And Cheese

Gratin Potatoes with Ham

In a pot put the potatoes to pre-cook in water. Once ready, cut the potatoes into slices. In a refractory put a layer of potatoes, butter.

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Potato slices covered with cream, ham, bacon and cheese. This dish is baked until the cheese melts and browns a bit.

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Potato gratin recipe with ham and cheese · 1 kilogram of White Potatoes · grams of sliced ​​Manchego cheese · 1 jar of Mayonnaise · 1.

Ingredients Potatoes 1 kg Diced ham g Mozzarella g Butter 10 g Salt Ground black pepper.

Baked potato au gratin with ham and cream: homemade recipe

Cut the potatoes into thick slices. · Place them in an ovenproof dish, interspersing them with the ham, cubes of butter and cheese. Bake.

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