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Gray nails and Izmir gray nail polish (6€). How to get a perfect manicure at home. Although the best option is always to go to a.

Black nails are hitting hard and become the ideal color different shades of it, or with white and light gray.

Gray is also for the summer season. color gray nails spring manicure trend New Fashion Week europareportage.eue.

Nails, in addition to being an aesthetic issue, also reflect a person’s state of health through their lines, spots or marks.

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The second best product in the gray nails category was the product ROSALIND Semi-Permanent Nail Polish, 6 Colors Gray Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Kit.

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One way to choose the design of your acrylic nails is from their shape, for this there are the following finishes that we expose below. If you want to know everything about acrylic nails, check out our complete guide.

Long ballerina finish with a rectangular shape. Stiletto finish Elongated shape with pointed end. Creates a claw effect so your fingers look stylized and very elegant. Almond finish The almond shape is characterized by being wide at the base and slightly rounded on the sides and at the tip.

Provides practicality and comfort without losing style. You just need to file them straight. Natural decoration Beige nails that combine with everything. Decorated with stones Acrylic is a very fun material, so you can use a neutral pink tone on the nails and combine it with encapsulated glitters or diamonds. Jersey effect It consists of painting the nails with a base color and with a small brush apply a 3D gel, this product achieves a fun finish; you can even apply a second layer of gel to increase the three-dimensional effect.

Baby Boomer Also called french faded. Similar to the French style, it is differentiated by the use of faded colors. Three colors are used to achieve the subtle gradient effect. French Acrylic nails in which a natural pink color is used at the base of the nail, in some cases the peach tone is used and a white color is used at the tips, in this way an appearance similar to natural nails is obtained.

The secret in this design is that all the nails use different colors. Multi-dot Circles of various sizes, colors and styles. Matte Neutral nude tones stand out in this type of nails. Because they give an elegant result, it is ideal for all kinds of occasions. A cute decoration is to occupy silhouettes and figures of dogs.

Festivities During the year we celebrate various special dates, which gives us ideas to decorate our nails; for example, Christmas, New Year, Day of the Dead or Halloween. Surely these elegant acrylic nail designs gave you many fun ideas to start decorating your hands. Remember to always experiment with different shapes to choose your favorites.