Grays Anatomy Couples

The 10 Best ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Couples

1 Meredith and Derek.

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4 Christina and Owen.

2 Lexie and Mark.

3 April and Jackson.

The 10 best couples of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – MagaZinema

4 Christina and Owen.

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And hey, yes, heavyweights have left us, some breaking our hearts into a thousand pieces, but doctors keep coming to try to fill that void and we, so happy. It may be that you don’t agree with me, you may even hate me a little for leaving some mythical couple out, but that’s why this is a personal top ten. Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev If only there was a gadget that would allow us to erase memories from our minds and we could eliminate the moment when Izzie disappears forever leaving Alex lying around like used cliffhanger or when the tumor leads her to imagine her ex-boyfriend dead, we would all have a better memory of this couple.

It is difficult to see them together, but when you get used to it, they even make a good couple. We will see what the show holds for us, I sincerely hope that today they will give themselves a chance again. Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren I don’t know about you, but for me Miranda is like my mother, that’s why not knowing much about her love life didn’t seem too bad to me. When people started talking about her, it was strange, yes, but when Ben arrived, I could no longer imagine Miranda alone.

I just hope it’s forever and we have Ben and Miranda for a while. I need them together, that’s why every night I ask the universe and Shonda to please keep them alive and happy. A story with another air and with Amelia and Link being super adorable. Link going to Amelia’s house to tell her that he wants to be with her despite not knowing if the child is his is the content we deserve. Shonda keep it up. Every moment of them together has been a delight and sadly, it’s over.

I stay with Jo asking Alex to marry him. The request of the requests. the podium is coming. We all attended the drama that was firing Derek, neither Meredith nor we deserved it. The answer is yes, yes and YES. Lexie Gray please come back. With that said, damn plane and damn ending for two beloved characters. post navigation.