Green Flags

These Are The Green Flags That Tell You That It Is Worth Trying That Relationship

There is no better green flag than that, you feel calm, at peace, you can talk about everything you like and what you don’t like, laugh and cry, get.

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Life is a process, a green flag is when both people in friendship motivate each other to grow, learn, heal and achieve their goals.

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Just as we use the "red flags" to point out toxic or dangerous attitudes in love relationships, you can also use the "green.

What are the “green flags” that indicate a good friendship

It is a good sign a person who is aware that a relationship is not going to come to fill all the spaces of your life. you already had a life.

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Therefore, we tend to stay away from them, because they do not contribute anything to our lives. And it’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just that their growth stage isn’t compatible with yours right now. On the other hand, we have those friends who day by day show their value, although many times we ourselves fail to see it.

They too deserve to be appreciated for who they are, with all their human flaws. Read also: Learning to love is being able to value quality over quantity 4. They grow together We all have wounds that we have been dragging from the past, but a good friend does not walk away from you because of that, but stays to grow and heal together.

But a good friend really listens to you and cares about you, so their advice is from the heart, with a genuine interest that things turn out positively for you. Also read: How to know if it is time to let go of that relationship or friendship 2. Celebrate your achievements with you A person who is happy for you when you reach a goal, who celebrates by your side at every victory, certainly deserves to be appreciated for the good friend that he is.

It is not uncommon to find those who are blinded by envy and try to make you feel guilty for having grown up without them. Every opportunity is valuable, and if taking advantage of it is favorable to you, whoever really loves you enjoys it with you. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who are pessimistic, envious, resentful or who do not add anything positive to your experience.

So, if you have that friend or friend who brings you joy, take good care of him.