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Remove, let cool and place on hair. How to get green out of blonde hair? Before you freak out about those green highlights, you should know that your hair.

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I wanted to dye my hair ash blonde but it turned out green, how do I fix it??

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And the good news is that it has a solution. Although I can understand your desperation. And I can understand it, because it happened to me too. I also went through the process of waiting for the amazing miracle of turning your hair ash blonde. Dyeing your hair by yourself has its risks.

Advertisements After all, people study for years to master the theories of colorimetry. It is that the art of colors is not limited only to canvas artists, such as Picasso or Dalí. And they are the little rascals guilty of that ash color you were looking for ending in green. Blondes, for example, have yellow underlying pigments and brown hair has orange pigments. In most cases, when we dye our hair, we who are not experts in color theory forget to contemplate not only the tone we want to achieve, but also the tone we started from and the underlying tones.

Ads That’s what I mean. Hair dyes are not flat colors, they break down, and when we do not make the right mix to get the perfect ash blonde, the green color appears. Well, I think we’ve had enough on the subject of color theory, so we’re going to find not one, but several solutions, so that you stop hiding and come out to shine like the blonde you should.

Announcements Here I have three solutions for you.