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An independent and successful young woman strives for a perfect life, but just before her wedding she discovers her fiancé is cheating on her.

gross nothing. follow series. 18 – For over 18s. Drama 2 Seasons. Cast: Tessa Ia. Heartbroken, Cristina looks for a roommate to.

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De Brutas, Nada is a Mexican comedy and drama web series produced and adapted by Sony Pictures Television from a script by Isabella Santodomingo.

De Brutas, Nada After her fiancé’s betrayal, Cristina looks for a roommate and finds Alejandro, whom she accepts because she thinks he’s gay. When.

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After the betrayal of her fiancé, Cristina Tessa Ia looks for a roommate and finds Alejandro Christian Vàzquez, whom she accepts because she thinks he is gay. In the course of the main plot, other stories converge Cristina’s singleness and best friend, Carolina Hannah Larrea, who in turn is a colleague from her advertising company named Limón con Chile. All these subplots and a main plot connected between two main characters whose objective is to live between the lie or free themselves from it by confessing the truth even if they could lose everything.

Adaptation of the novel by Isabella Santodomingo, "gentlemen prefer them brutes" which also had its Colombian version, leaving the same title. Entering context In René Cardona Jr. Until the year Matthew Perry, famous for the series Friends, played Oscar Novak, in Three to Tango, a film by Damon Santostefano, who pretends to be gay and is in charge of keeping an eye on his co-worker’s partner, but he ends up falling in love with her.

Francis Veber did the same in , in France, with his film "Le Placard" with Daniel Auteuil and Gérard Depardieu, a businessman who pretends to be homosexual to avoid being fired from his job. In the director Dave Diamond brought us Partner c with Jay Harrington who pretends to be gay to be successful in his job. Both stories do not seem so far-fetched, because something very similar happened in real life.

The full note here. In the Italian director Bruno Cobucci, presents a film with four stories, Rimini Rimini — un anno dopo, narrates how a womanizing man pretends to be gay to obtain favors from an attractive woman. With the new millennium, comedies in that tone decreased. Finally, in the director Antonio Serrano tortures us with an adaptation of the famous film by Mauricio Garcés.

Recreating and burying the story of a straight man who pretends to be gay to get something or to protect his job. Stories about men pretending to be gay are not new. In all of them, the need to pretend to be gay is shared, either out of necessity or out of obligation, as in Shay Kanot’s Kicking out Soshana, but without the freshness of Victor Victoria in its three versions.

Weaving a plot that is sustained only by being or not being homosexual, seems a bit exaggerated these days. Try to redeem yourself with a powerful feminist message, the message also talks about sincere friendship, love failures and the responsibilities of modern men and women.

Adding varied characters that symbolize a specific personality, making it interesting how disparate personalities fit together perfectly. Out of context, being a man pretending to be homosexual, for a desperate cause, whose lie apparently does not imply a major problem. However, that trust is broken, with the complicity of the viewer. Although it is not a brilliant series, it does not have great moments and sometimes resorts to convenient coincidences for the development of the story, without greater depth, without greater pretense than that of entertaining.

Several questions and an ending with no answers. The series takes you to the end trapped by intrigue and certain doses of comedy. That’s why it seems like an incomplete series, it seems like a waste of time. In the end, it does not conclude any premise that had been raised, it is evident that a second season is expected.

Avoid social criticism or controversy, it is a short and entertaining series. Only if you don’t want to attend to the details, the failures and the convenient coincidences. De Brutas Nada, an Amazon original series, is worth it if you want to spend a few hours with a light and unpretentious series. and you’re gonna hate her.

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