Group Choreography

Is it easy to do a group choreography??

Expressive choreography: is one in which interjective expressions and various manifestations of dance recur. Distributive choreography: is checked.

Tools for choreographic composition: SPACE, TIME and BODY. How to use them to create individual or group choreography.

Group choreography: this is the most used dance in the world. These are built by the choreographer who corrects the movements that will be performed, to be.

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The contestants have opened the gala of the final in pairs with a choreography of "survivor" in the 2wei version. What do you think?

Definition of Choreography – What it is and Concept

Inspiration: Finding a source of inspiration will allow you to put together the best group choreography. Maybe you need to see art, visit some place.

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Definition of Choreography

Figure skate group choreography