Guard Dog Breeds

5 Watchdogs That Will Help You Protect Your Home

German shepherd. The German Shepherd is the.

Guard dog is the concept that encompasses both breeds of dogs trained to warn Livestock guard dogs are big enough and strong enough.

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Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bullmastiff Doberman Pinscher Rottweiler Giant Schnauzer German Shepherd Rhodesian Crested Staffordshire Terrier.

5 Watchdogs That Will Help You Protect Your Home – Happets Blog

List of the best guard dog breeds -Spanish Mastiff: In Spain, this huge breed that weighs up to kilos, is one of the.

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Dogs of this breed are ideal for protecting a home, as they are very brave and establish a very close emotional bond with all members of the family. His great intelligence allows him to learn new skills very easily. The dogs of this breed are as good and sweet as they are faithful and protective. This combination of traits makes them very calm and balanced guard dogs.

Of course, to get them to be protective but not aggressive, it is essential to educate them and socialize them correctly. They must also be trained to distinguish between visitors and intruders. The furry ones of this breed are very affectionate and have a particularly attentive treatment with small children.

However, despite being very affectionate, they are guard dogs by nature. Always attentive and vigilant to any noise and movement, boxers usually emit barks to warn of the arrival of a stranger. They are very brave dogs that do not hesitate to defend their family whenever necessary. Is usually very aware of strange sounds and immediately appears at the source of the noise.

Precisely for this reason, he needs constant stimulation through exercises and games. The first thing a trainer should do is check that the furry dog ​​in question has the necessary characteristics to be trained as a protective dog. Happets veterinarians advise you, if you wish, to educate your dog in matters of vigilance, but never in attack and defense.

And it is that this type of training can have very serious consequences both for your furry and for the people around him.

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