Guava Roll

Guava Roll with Burnt Milk

Guava Roll Recipe Monterrey style · grams of Guava · 1 kilogram of Sugar · grams of chopped Walnuts · 1 can of Milk.

Spread the cajeta layer over the guava and sprinkle the chopped walnut. Wrap as a roll in colored cellophane. close of the.

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Ingredients PLACE the water in a pot and add the guavas. BLEND the guavas and pass the puree through a strainer over a pot. ADD lemon juice,.

Here you have a recipe for Guava Roll. Ingredients for 12 servings. 1kg. Of ripe white guavas; ¾ kilo of granulated sugar.

Guava Roll with Burnt Milk – Cook and Enjoy Guava Mix Rolls: Mixed Guava Rolls (12 pieces): Gourmet Food and Food.


It is the sweet that we all eat at Christmas time. Once you do it you will no longer like the bought ones. You have the advantage that you can cut the rolls the size you want to make your gifts. It’s not hard to do, it just takes time but it’s well worth it. Let it cool. In a pot put 2 liters of water to heat.

The guavas are removed from the tail, rinsed and added to the pot when the water boils. They are covered and left to boil gently for 15 minutes, it does not matter if they burst. The guavas are removed from the water and transferred to the blender glass. They are ground without any water, strained and put the guava pulp in a thick-bottomed pot. The bottom and the walls must be constantly moved because the mixture tends to stick. It will be left to boil over low heat for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

You can do a test by putting a teaspoon of mixture on a plate, cool it and see if it comes off well, that’s the point. Cut a strip of waxed paper 70 cm long. If desired, it can be wrapped as a gift with a ribbon at the ends.

It is kept in the refrigerator. If you want to keep it for a long time, it can be perfectly frozen and taken out for a while before it is going to be used. Yields 3 rolls of 20 cm long.

Guava roll-Easy recipe – Sweet bread step by step