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Jared Leto Wants To Do A House Of Gucci Prequel With Al Pacino

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Jared Leto Wants To Do A House Of Gucci Prequel With Al Pacino

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While the movie ended pretty conclusively, Leto may not be done with the Gucci brand just yet. Apparently, Leto enjoyed working with the cast, Pacino in particular, so much that he’s already looking forward to a reunion. Leto was so enamored with his time working with Pacino that he said he would love to do a prequel to the film so he could work with the veteran actor again.

Check out Leto’s comments on working with Pacino and the full interview here: On the first day of set, [Pacino] didn’t know it was me, and I walked up to him and said, you know, "hi.". And he just ignored me. He thought it was just some Italian weirdo trying to talk to him or get his autograph or something. I went up to him two or three times and someone finally whispered, "That’s Paolo, that’s Jared down there.".

And he was like, "My son, my son," and he fell on the floor. i was amazed. For that to happen with one of the best actors in the world was a beautiful gift and it gave me faith that if Al can believe in this guy, then we all can. He was a confidence booster from the start, and I loved working with him.

But Leto probably shouldn’t hold his breath. House of Gucci was actually Scott’s second project this year, and the second with Adam Driver. The pair had previously collaborated on The Last Showdown, a movie that made headlines when Scott blamed his underachievement on millennials when the medieval epic bombed.

So the chances of another installment are probably pretty slim. As much as Leto wants it, a House of Gucci prequel is likely not in the cards. The fact that he was able to suffer alone during the make-up process shows that Leto was clearly passionate and dedicated to his role and the project as a whole.

Being able to work with a screen icon you obviously admire must have made the experience that much better. Source: The Jess Cagle Show.