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Pectoral Routine At The Gym

Flat floor press. The bench press is, without a doubt, the exercise most.

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But what are the best exercises for beginners to build their pecs?? A chest routine for beginners.

Flat dumbbell flyes.

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Incline Dumbbell Press.

Pectoral routine at the gym | Fitness Lifestyle by Kei

T-Bar Hex Press.

What should a definition or hypertrophy chest routine include??

Routines by muscle groups Chest routine for the gym: Definition and hypertrophy in your pectoral If there is a muscle group that is trained in the gym, this is the pectoral. Nobody spends less time than necessary to train their "tits", but few are those who do it completely well.

Don’t miss these keys. Bases for a pectoral routine As we said, everyone works their pectoral in the gym. The chest is not the gastrocnemius or posterior deltoid. This muscle group is seen in the mirror and is very aesthetic, so no one overlooks it. Sufficient intensity and quality: Ensures that the choice and selection of exercises allows you to reach a high degree of effort in the pectoral. Don’t let your triceps or shoulders fail. Choose exercises and learn to execute them not to stimulate all parts of the chest, but to ensure that you receive a stimulus with between 0 and 3 repetitions of margin in this muscle group.

Ensures progressive overload: Stop doing thousands of exercises to stimulate each fiber. Or use 45kg dumbbells without problem. Training frequency: We could get very complicated, but training the chest every day is ideal, depending on the volume of each session. Ensures muscle failure or even margin reps in each set comes through the pectoral.

Think that you can change any type of exercise if you don’t like it, you don’t have availability or there is another one that suits you better. Progression for your chest routine This point is the really important one. Write down what you do in each session in a notebook and try to improve week by week. challenge yourself. Start with a weight that you can complete the low range with margin reps and work your way up until you complete the high range. Gain weight and start from the bottom.