Gym Shoulder Routine

Rodney Workout Legs, Shoulders Abs

Work your shoulders completely with this routine made up of four exercises that you can combine with your current training.

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Routine · Sternum barbell row at shoulder height | 15 reps · One arm lateral raises (more weight) | 12 repetitions.

For this reason, incorporating exercises that work the shoulders effectively and efficiently into our routine is the best way to ensure.

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The shoulder routine should be done on Wednesdays, or after the chest routine and the back routine, to take advantage of the prior involvement.

Rodney Workout Legs, Shoulders abs

Shoulder routine exercises 1. Dumbbell Arnold Press 2. Press behind the neck 3. SS Front Elevation Side Elevation with.

shoulder workout exercises

This training plan is based on isolation of the deltoids, with minimal involvement of the triceps. Warm up I recommend a good warm up for delts. Exercises for the shoulder routine 1. Dumbbell Arnold Press This is a variation of the traditional shoulder press — it’s an exercise that provides a rotational motion through the range of motion, stressing all heads.

Series and repetitions: 3 x 2. Behind the Neck Press This is a favorite of old school bodybuilders and probably one of the least popular moves. However, it is a great exercise to widen the shoulders. Step under the bar with your chosen load and place it on the back of your shoulders, just below your neck.

Series and repetitions: 4 x 3. However, this combination of these exercises is very important for overall shoulder development. It is also, in my opinion, the best way to isolate the medial and posterior heads. Can be executed both sitting and standing.

Alternate with both arms. Reps: 10 per arm — 20 total. Sets and repetitions: 3 x 10, 3 x 10 4. It’s time to emphasize the rear delts. I chose this particular exercise because an underdeveloped rear deltoid is bad for posture and pulls the shoulders in due to the dominance of the other two heads. Variations: Whether it’s putting your head on a bench, using cables, standing, sitting, it doesn’t matter as long as you do it correctly!

Training so it hurts isn’t always true. Listen to your body and make adjustments if necessary. Do not neglect the diet. Eat enough nutrients for your body to recover. Supplements can be of great help in this aspect.