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Celebs Get Ahead Of 2022 Hair Trends

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Are you looking for a change of look? Take note, these colors are the colors that will rock the season. Autumn winter trend hair .

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COLOR HAIR BLONDE ASH AND BLONDE VANILLA Velvety blondes but ultra modern dictates the rules for hair dye Framesi emphasizes the.

The famous ones anticipate the hair trends of – El Diario de Yucatán

I discovered the main color trends for women’s hair for summer For spring summer there is a wide variety of fashionable colors.

The Trend in Haircuts for this Winter 2022

A very important tip to wear the best haircut. Those of you who have been following us for a long time know that we always recommend the best tricks of professional hairdressers at home. These are the haircuts and hairstyles for Winter Medium length hair is worn up to the collarbone, faded bangs, starting at the level of the eyebrows and ending at the cheekbones. Fringes with straight ends are avoided, now what prevails is the blunt.

However, this year they are wearing a straight cut bob, either with bangs or with a side parting. Colors for this Winter This winter season coppery colors are popular, soft reds, with a faded or washed effect, the trend is balayage highlights as long as we mix them with a chocolate color. The always natural reflections, scattered throughout the hair, fleeing from the roots, we want a natural and informal appearance. Short haircuts Winter Celebrities such as the actress Anne Hathaway or the singer Miley Cyrus, have made it fashionable for women to wear short hair.

Short bob and microbob haircut One of the star haircuts is the bob haircut. Some of the celebrities who wear it are Barbara Lennie or Katie Holmes. Short garçon haircut Garçon hair has been with us for a few years now and it is one of the first short haircuts that became fashionable and for which many celebrities, such as Paz Vega, cut their long hair. It consists of wearing very short and blunt hair as we can see in this photo of Cara Delevigne.

For this haircut to be done well, it is best to do it with a razor. Short shaved haircut Or all or nothing. Try to wear it straight, with some bangs and paraded at the ends. Give a masculine touch, a “boy” touch, hence the name of our hair. Once again, the Catalan actress from La casa de papel shows us how to wear it. This haircut was very popular a few years ago and it is back again this winter. If you want to cut your hair and wear a medium length of hair, there is nothing like choosing a similar “look” with which you are sure to hit the mark.

On the other hand, the layered and very smooth medium length hair is also going to be a trend in this and above all, in this new winter season. For special occasions, the medium length hair is a type of cut that will help you to look this spectacular. Even the medium-length hair option gives us other really fresh and flattering options for the new winter season. Imagine that you have to attend an event this season and you don’t know what style to choose or what hairstyle could make you look spectacular.

From Modallas we recommend the hairstyle that you see above and that is achieved thanks to having medium hair. From seeing it in many of the parades that are currently being held, facing the winter season, the models inspire us to follow in their footsteps and we also bet on wetting our hair, they sell a lot of products to achieve the effect and we wear it in the same way. Another type of hairstyle that we recommend for long winter hair is the parting in the middle and with the hair combed to each side, marking a somewhat “retro” and very flattering style.

It is perfect for this new season of events, if you must attend, for example, as a guest at a wedding. Another option is that you bet on combing your hair a little to one side as we see in this other image. The model’s hair has a bit of air, but if we saw it without this effect, we would realize that combing it to one side she has a really sensual hair. Long hair with bangs is also popular this winter season. It is a style with a certain “retro” air that we all like to wear from time to time and that you can wear as we see in the image above.

With this you will achieve a perfect “look” for the big occasions of this season. In the following photo gallery you will find all the photos of long haircuts. Next we will find out. You can opt for a very short cut, the pixie cut, but if you want something daring, you can favor a punk cut by shaving one side of the head. We can wear the length of the hair in many ways, a way that looks great and has the effect of volume is curly hair and very straight bangs.

There are different types of bangs and one suits each person depending on the type of face, round, heart-shaped… the bangs are used to hide or enhance some features of the face. The height is marked by the eyebrows, that is, the eyebrows do not have to be seen, they must be covered by the bangs. Only Beyoncé can afford pin-up bangs, that is, short, well above the eyebrows. In the following gallery you will see different hairstyles with straight bangs.

This type of fringe is very comfortable because it favors whether you wear your hair up or down and usually sweetens the face. It is in those cases where it is necessary to observe what our face is like and based on this, choose the best haircut to highlight all our facial features.

Haircuts for round faces Winter Round face: If you have a round face, a good option that you can choose is an irregular type of cut. You can put a fringe if you want or even a side parting depending on what you want. The mohawk style is very good for this type of face, a type of haircut that must be encouraged and have a lot of personality but without a doubt it looks great when you get it.

We are going to tell you about them so that you can better choose your hairstyle and your cut. Let’s see it. Shape of your face This is the first. You cannot think about doing a haircut without taking into account the shape of your face and your features. Squares: the cuts for faces that have a square shape should be the long cuts or the short ones with highlights of different lengths.

Rectangular: for them, the best are the cuts that reach the height of the ear and that reveal their features as well as their neck. What you are looking for Depending on what you are looking for, you will also have to choose one cut or another. On the other hand, if you resist cutting your long hair that has cost you so much effort to achieve, you can always choose a radical change through colors and tints, and of course, do not hesitate to "experiment" with all kinds of updos.

This means that for this type of hair, the best cuts are cuts, layered cuts and medium lengths. On the other hand, if your hair is thick, you can take it long and make tails, braids, etc. Time you can dedicate to your hair As you know, long hair needs a lot of care, which translates into many hours on your part or at the hairdresser.

Your facial features and what you want from them Facial features will also be decisive when choosing one cut or another. Long cuts tend to soften the features of the face, while short cuts tend to emphasize your features.

Anyway, if you are not quite sure, we encourage you to see our gallery of cuts to find one that you like and talk to your stylist so they can give you the right advice.