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The shades of hair that best suit brunettes have been on the red carpet of major events with the beauty looks of.

Nov – Trends for your hair haircuts and coloring so you can reinvent yourself with simple changes of look.

Look change’. These are the trends in hair colors, highlights and dyes that will sweep Dark hair with highlights, mahogany.

Underlights: The color trend that goes under the hair and is a celebrity fav | Glamor

Risky haircuts, radical color changes and some even shave their heads.

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What are underlights?

Hidden Color Streaks Are A New Celeb Favorite Trend And Here’s What You Need To Know. This is a hair trend that is also known as peekaboo hair or hidden hair. Another point in its favor is the dyeing that can be a uniform color, an ombré, a balayage or even rainbow hair.

We suggest you show your stylist screenshots of how you would like your hair to look. Blonde Underlights Such as Evaluna and Aitana have recently changed their look. The blonde is a uniform tone and both keep the brown color on top, achieving a high contrast impression on the hair. High-contrast tones in hair have been on fire since the beginning of Localized Underlights Color goes in a couple of strands under the hair, not all over the middle layer.

It is ideal for adding vibrant and subtle touches. Underlights in ombré These make a gradient of colors in the hidden layer of the hair, which goes from a dark tone at the roots, to a light one at the ends, or vice versa. If you want to do a fiery ombré, go for yellow, orange, and red tones. Rainbow Underlights The ‘hidden rainbow’ is a hair trend we love, but it’s risky and high-maintenance. The rainbow effect can go with the colors faded vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

As for the cut, we recommend those with straight edges so that the effect is much better appreciated.

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