Hair Oils Before Flat Ironing

How to protect the hair from the flat iron?

What oil to use before flat ironing hair? Tips to take care of the hair before using the iron HOW TO IRON YOUR HAIR SO THAT IT STAYS.

I can use foam or mousse in the hair before ironing it, or those drops of oil for ends? I have doubts. I don’t know if I warm it up when I enter.

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Do not use heat protectant. In addition to shampoo, conditioner and styling cream, there are other types of products such as creams, oils and lacquers.

How to Protect Hair from the Flat Iron • (Effective Tips)

oils and lacquers to protect hair from the effects of heat. One recommendation is to use one of them before ironing.

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Frequent mistakes when ironing your hair

However, its frequent use can cause damage to the hair strands. This tends to be worse when a few mistakes are made when ironing your hair. First of all, it should be remembered that this utensil stands out for its versatility. It not only allows you to straighten your hair, but also creates waves and curls. Likewise, products that complement its use, such as creams, protective oils, fixatives, etc. In any case, its excessive use causes dryness and capillary weakening.

Therefore, as far as possible, avoid making mistakes during ironing. Common mistakes when straightening hair The American Academy of Dermatology suggests limiting the use of elements such as hair straightening irons. Now, added to this, you have to avoid the following mistakes. The chosen product should be applied before passing the hot iron, especially when it comes to dyed or dry hair.

Heat protectors come in different presentations. Its objective is to minimize the dryness and damage caused by the iron. Tips to do it 2. Therefore, it should not be used to dry it because it may cause damage to it.

On the contrary, the ideal is to use it when it is dry. If necessary, you must first pass the dryer or let it dry naturally. Not doing a correct hydration One of the mistakes when ironing your hair is neglecting the hydration. Heat tends to cause dryness and loss of natural oils. However, it is a mistake because this increases the chances that it will burn and deteriorate.

One or two passes are enough to obtain smoothness. Not cleaning the straightener Even though it may not look like it, the straightener can collect dirt and oil residue from hair care products. Therefore, if you don’t clean it, it can make your hair look dull after flat ironing.

To do this cleaning it is necessary that the iron is cold and disconnected. Just pass a cloth with a little vinegar to remove dirt. However, it is always advisable to consult the manual and follow the care instructions, depending on the material of manufacture. Do not use it every day As we already mentioned, the ideal thing to take care of the hair from the damage caused by the iron is to moderate the use of this element.

Every two or 3 days is recommended. If your iron is of this type, do not miss out on these functions. So, it is best to use the iron when you have clean hair. Remember that you should try to keep the strands hydrated. To do this, choose products that fit the characteristics of your hair.

Having clean hair before flat ironing is key to achieving a better finish. However, you should be careful with brushes because they can increase frizz. Choose your hair straightener well When buying a hair straightener, look for one that suits your needs, budget and characteristics. Therefore, make sure it is a good quality tool. A publication of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology indicates that it is essential to make good use of the iron because, otherwise, it can cause burns on the scalp and breakage in the hair strands.

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