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Haircuts For Chubby 2022

5 Ideas of haircuts for chubby ‍♀ · 1. Midi hair for chubby and/or short 2. Long haircut for chubby 3. BOB cut for women.

If your hair is very thick and abundant, the ideal is that your hair is not too short since it may have excess volume, the ideal is the cuts.

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Haircuts for round and chubby faces – Vanitas Espai

Here we present a compilation of more than 16 haircuts for chubby, ideal to look great and divine. the haircut.

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In fact, many of our clients have round faces and came to Vanitas Espai in search of a solution. Their previous hairdressers had not been able to take advantage of them and they, in many cases, were not satisfied with their look. And the solution is as simple as finding a flattering haircut that sharpens the features a bit and breaks with the curves of the face. That, combined with an appropriate coloring technique, such as Californian highlights, can give your face a noticeable change, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Next we are going to discover a selection of the best haircuts for round faces so that you can feel very comfortable with your look and your body. From medium hair onwards If your face is round, what we have to do is very simple: try to make it look a little less round.

To lengthen your face we simply need to give it length. Slightly parted side swept bangs are also flattering, helping to reduce the visibility of the forehead and attract attention that would otherwise be directly captured by the cheekbones.

As you can see, having a round face does not reduce the possibilities of your look, far from it. As for color, for round faces it is better not to opt for completely uniform colors. As we said before, it is advisable to provoke certain breakpoints, to reduce the sphericity of the face.

When it comes to styling, we avoid hairstyles with a lot of volume. And in a nutshell, that’s it. Haircuts for round faces and short necks You may want to discover some ideas of haircuts for round faces because you have a short neck and want to find an ideal look to stylize your appearance.

But to hit the nail on the head, it is best to do as Jennifer Lawrence does, that is, opt for a pixie cut but with an asymmetric fringe that manages to reduce the roundness of your face. Straight hair It is also important to note that, in the case of having a round face, it is best to try to wear a type of haircut that is straight.

If you have wavy hair, you can leave the ends wavy but avoid adding volume to the top of your head. There are many types of fringes or bangs that are ideal for your type of face and, therefore, it is important to hit the nail on the head in order to enhance your natural beauty. Cut with curtain bangs Another good option is to opt for a haircut that is complemented by curtain bangs. It is a type of fringe that is long and that opens in the middle and that is perfect to accompany a cut that is layered or with a wavy hairstyle.

To hit the nail on the head, it is best to avoid the bangs exceeding the eyebrows. The best bangs for a round face Another important point when choosing haircuts for a round face is to take into account the theme of the bangs. Therefore, pay attention because here we will give you the keys to find the best bangs for you.

Side bangs It is one of the best options. Blunt bangs You can also opt for this other type of bangs for round faces. Celebrities with a round face It does not hurt to remember that there are celebrities who also have a chubby face. They are beautiful, elegant, admired… and they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We assure you. Is not true.

So at Vanitas Espai we want to tell you that the shape of your face is perfect just the way it is. Because it is part of you, of who you are. That you accept yourself as you are, however, does not mean that you do not worry and that you do not look for the haircut that suits you best. They are not incompatible aspects. So if you are looking for haircuts for round faces that make you feel better and flatter you, we invite you to make your reservation and come see us. Image source: Subbotina Ana — Fotolia.