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extra long curls. Chubby or round-faced women who have naturally curly hair look great with long, blunt cuts.

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How do I know if my face is round?? To find out if you belong to the group of women who have a round face, take a long utensil (such as.

Haircuts for round faces and hairstyles for women Winter –

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In Modaellas, the best haircuts and hairstyles for round faces and for Winter If you have a round face, you may think that your face will never be able to wear a cut that is suitable or that stylizes and lengthens your features. Look at the model in the top photo; she has a round face, with big cheekbones but that short hair suits her very well. Both for long hair and short hair as we see above or as we have below, with an image of the actress Jennifer Lawrence This type of hairstyle provides the appropriate length below the chin, creating a frame that shapes the face in a very beautiful way.

It is not a question of covering your face or creating complexes, but if you can hide a face whose shape you do not quite like, you can do it with this type of hair. And if you prefer, you can always opt for a little bangs, like the one that actress Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing in the photo, which is currently trending straight bangs again, although you can also wear them combed to the side.

Be careful, yes, with short haircuts and a round face. If you cut it too short, you may not like it too much, although you can always leave a little bangs as I mentioned or not cut it too much. In any case, I am of the opinion that short hair on a round face looks very good. Think that with a good straight fringe like the one that the actress Christina Ricci wears in the image above.

With a cut like this, you will get the attention to focus on the bangs and the central part of your hair so that the rounded features will be hidden a bit. On the other hand, if you bet on short hair, as we have seen before, I recommend this type of cut like the one I show you in the photo.

Cut with bangs to the side and also with layers. That is why it is important that, to get a cut like this with bangs if you have a round face, that you have it smooth, manageable and free of swirls. You must accustom him again to the newly released haircut and hairstyle. It seemed that it was impossible, but year after year, bobs are reinvented.

A cut that suits all types of faces and what is better, with which you will feel safe. High bun If you want to enhance your features and let your cheeks shine, you can opt for a high bun. It is a very flattering cut for women with round faces because it shows all the features.

This year short hair allows endless variants. Choose between curly or straight hair, with or without bangs, well styled and structured or with a tousled hairstyle. The possibilities that the Pixie haircut allows us have no limits. Visually, short bangs allow us to lengthen our face, a very comfortable solution that allows us this beautiful and current haircut.

This is a short pixie with long wavy bangs on one side. She sports a hair parted to one side, pulled back on one side and loose on the other with soft waves visually reducing the contour of the face. Long hair can be styled with slightly marked waves since we do not want to provide greater width to our face. Once we have seen the type of hairstyle, let’s go to the bangs, so if the waves can be your best friends, the side bangs too.

Waves and side parting is the perfect combination, do not insist on showing off the parting in the middle but quite the opposite, long and if possible irregular. Layered hair In your case, if you have long hair, try to have it cut in layers and shape your hair so that your round face hides a bit. Jennifer Lawrence haircuts for round faces Actress Jennifer Lawrence has a beautiful but very round face. With a bob cut and parting in the middle, a hairstyle with a marked wave is made that follows the lines of the face.

A youthful and flattering hairstyle with waves and at the end with the split ends facing out. We have also seen her with updos for red carpet events. Long, side-swept bangs are great for round faces. Lily Collins haircuts for round faces You will recognize her from Snow White, the first adaptation that premiered a few years ago with Julia Roberts.

Lily Collins is a young actress who knows how to take advantage. It is a clear example that each one must value their own qualities, because not all of us must always fall into the same mold. The actress wears very trendy surf wave hair, and side-swept bangs with long, parted layers. And it is not for less, because since the actress Jennifer Lawrence embodied Katniss Everdeen in the first film of the Hunger Games Saga, no one has forgotten her face, or her body, which has moved so many waters in the yellow press.

At this point, you already know that the fringe, especially the side, is the main strength of this haircut and, of course, for this type of face. Another color choice that I think flatters round-faced women is copper, as well as mahogany and natural red. What hairstyles to avoid if you have a round face For the type of face with a round face, it is best to avoid simple or straight haircuts and hairstyles, always try to give it some shape and play a lot with the layers of hair to create the effect what do we want.

You can also choose to wear a fringe, that is, you must also make sure that it is in layers, to generate the ideal effect and with which you can hide or soften a little that round face that women like so little. Tips for choosing the best hairstyle, cut and color There are a variety of factors that can influence when making a decision about how we want to cut our hair or what we want to achieve with a specific cut.

With this haircut we will also be able to improve our features and we will be able to soften them. Use a brown shade if you’re looking to avoid having to dye your hair often, and want to be able to bring out your natural skin color.

This is a haircut that goes wonderfully with all the colors you want to give it, but especially with black or platinum blonde colors. There are many haircuts that you can do with long hair and, best of all, you can combine it with a wide variety of different hairstyles for every occasion.