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Bangs 2022 | Types of Bangs According to the Shape of the Face

Bob cut with straight bangs. The bob, characterized by having a length to the jaw, below the ear, is perfect to rejuvenate the face and a.

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Short tousled bangs. One of the men’s haircuts with bangs that has become a trend is the tousled cut. A kind of.

Click on to discover the most iconic haircuts for the bangs to rejuvenate your face and this cut has.

Side or bias bangs. “A classic for those who are faithful to the side parting of the hair. It provides a different touch to the cut and depending.

Haircuts with Bangs and Toupees for men –

If you plan to make a change of ‘look’, these haircuts with bangs will convince you of Maria Bernad with short and concave fringe haircut.

Suggestive bangs to the side

This season comes the bangs so you can show off your hair like never before. Types of bangs The bangs usually provide a fresh and youthful touch highlighting your features. Undoubtedly, in the same way as last year, this time the fringes that triumph are those with blunt cuts and open or curtain fringes.

Dakota Johnson made us fall for this type of cut, like Ana de Armas, another of those who has opted for him. Long Open Bangs Side or Beveled Bangs The turn of the years is on the horizon this fall season. For this reason, we see the side bangs return, which Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton looked so good.

The truth is that it was very popular in those years, thanks to that sweet touch that it brought to your face. Side or beveled bangs Blunt bangs Layered hair is a rising trend this season, a style that also sneaks in when cutting bangs.

And there is no better way to join the bangs trend than betting on a blunt cut. This type of fringe is perfect for round faces and thick hair, as it lengthens the face and adds height to the eyebrows.

Bangs for curly hair Straight bangs If what you are looking for is to enhance your look, bet on a straight bangs. Straight bangs The singer Aitana always opts for this type of bangs, which is already part of her hallmark. Paula Echevarría with false bangs Long bangs It can also be the opposite case, that is, you want to put aside the short bangs. Proof of this is how well it suits the presenter Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero with long bangs If you want to join the trend of the moment, from Luz del Tajo we invite you to visit 5th Avenue Peluqueros, because their stylists will advise you on the bangs that can best fit you based on the shape of your face. Debut a new look to exude glamor and style in this new time of year.