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5 Hairstyles With Scarf For Spring

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What hairstyles with scarves are trending in ? · Headband · Headband with ponytail · Low bun · High bun · Braid with handkerchief · Ponytail · Loose hair.

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Ponytail with scarf Braids hairstyle with bandana Low tail with scarf Updo with scarf Retro style Relaxation with loose hair and bandana.

Hairstyles with scarves to look beautiful and fashionable

Hairstyles with scarves make use of this accessory for practical and aesthetic reasons. A scarf can protect your hair from the sun.

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Scarf hairstyles are ideal for informal events during spring, especially if patterned and colorful fabrics are chosen. Do not miss these 5 hairstyles with a scarf explained step by step if you need ideas. Scarf headband with braid This hairstyle is ideal for people with medium hair that reaches the ears or chin.

The steps to do it are the following: Make the part to one side. Separate the front part of the hair and the bangs from the rest. Roll up the scarf to create a thin ribbon. Tuck the scarf under your hair at the back of your neck. Use the two ends of the scarf and the hair that you separated at the beginning to make a braid that falls to the opposite side of the parting.

Hook the end of the braid over the ear with a bobby pin. Release the hairpins from the beginning so that the hair falls covering part of the scarf. Bun covered with a scarf This updo is perfect for people with long hair who don’t want their hair to bother them or don’t feel like fixing it too much.

The steps to carry it out are: Make a bow on top of the head. Fold the scarf in half to make it a triangular shape. Put the aforementioned corner of the handkerchief inside the elastic of the bow. Cross the two ends of the scarf in front of the head and surround the bow with them.

For a touch of color you can add a nice handkerchief. The steps to make the braid in this case are: Separate the upper section of the hair. Roll up the scarf to create a ribbon and fold it in half. Then pin it in the center above the crown of your head with bobby pins. Make a normal three-strand braid with all the hair. To hold the braid do not use a rubber. Simply tie the scarf at the end so it doesn’t unravel.

Aura of crossed braids This updo with two braids is very original and is perfect for informal events. If you have a medium length of hair, do not miss the steps to do it: Divide the hair in the middle with a parting and make two low pigtails. Tuck the scarf through the hair above each of the elastics so that it runs horizontally across the back of your head. Make a three-strand braid with each of the pigtails. Tie the braids with a small hair tie.

Use the remaining ends of the scarf to go around the head. Semi-updo with a high bun If instead of gathering all your hair with a scarf you prefer to show off your long hair, you can go for a semi-updo with a high bun. Roll up the bandana to form a narrow ribbon. Put the end of the scarf through the rubber band that holds the tail. Twist the hair of the ponytail on itself and then begin to wrap it with the scarf to make a cord braid, that is, with two strands.

Wrap the braid around the rubber band you originally made the ponytail with to form a bun. During this process you have to be careful not to undo the braid. Once it’s rolled up, secure the end of the braid with bobby pins.