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Hairstyles With Scarves, 6 Different Ways To Wear Them

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It’s easy, and it can be done with a variety of hairstyles: from loose hair to braids, bows and ponytails. Hairstyles with scarves 3. Getty Headband.

This is a way to give an upgrade or a different touch to the everyday look (call it a bun, ponytail or loose hair).

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5 hairstyles with a scarf (very easy) for a different look

Ponytail with scarf Braids hairstyle with bandana Low tail with scarf Updo with scarf Retro style Relaxation with loose hair and bandana.

Buy yourself a scarf from the new Oh My Hair collection! As a general rule, the former win over the latter and especially when it comes to trends. That one needs to try new and different quirky trends, even if they don’t necessarily fit with our style. The same happens with hair. This round connects with many others: first it was the hairpins, then came the headbands and scrunchies, and then the big clips.

Like the rest of the fashions that triumphed in the nineties and two thousand, now it is the turn of the knotted headscarf. Years ago, Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera wore this accessory very often. Luckily, today there are social networks to check the versatility of hairstyles with a scarf. Also fortunately, accessory brands have launched their design and popularization. The new collection of hair accessories Oh My Hair! We know the theory: scarves are a trend.

Bandana type, with the scarf almost completely covering the head. Knotted in a ponytail Like a headband and with hair down.