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Halston and Netflix shake hands again in a limited collection of dresses that has left us speechless.

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Netflix today presented the trailer for its next big release, HALSTON. an original miniseries.

Reviews | ‘halston’. Álvaro Onieva, Luis Aceituno and Aloña Fdez. Larrechi comment, with and without spoilers, on Ryan Murphy’s latest series for Netflix.

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Ryan Murphy returns to Netflix with miniseries Halston, starring Ewan McGregor as iconic fashion designer.

The new Halston x Netflix collection promises to be an ode to the luxury of the sixties

puts himself in the shoes of legendary fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick in ‘Halston’, Ryan Murphy’s new miniseries for Netflix.

Reviews | ‘Halston’

In the world of fashion there are names that have left their mark on history and, not because they are little known, they are less important. quite the opposite. Just Halston. Subscribe to our Newsletter Before subscribing, read here our privacy policy and legal notice. Halston was an American designer who revolutionized the world of fashion in the 60s and 70s, in different aspects.

Not only in the use of fabrics but also in terms of patterns, cut, style, prints and notion of fashion in general. Halston was very creative, also very ambitious, perfectionist, controlling, persevering and a great seducer. at your job. In his personal life, he was the party animal of the time.

It is impossible to understand the New York of the late 70s without Halston’s name in the social chronicles, being on the cover of magazines weekly. Marisa Berenson, Halston and Liza Minnelli attend a charity fashion show, This Was All Halston. Absence is what defines this series premiered on May 14, Facts, facts, facts… Birth, trauma, ambition, design, control, sex, friendship, Studio 54, drugs, Paris, Olympic Tower, company and death.

And Murphy already had the winning formula behind him: The murder of Gianni Versace, also from Netflix. I knew what worked. It was not necessary to aspire to tell an entire life if there was no guarantee that it was going to be done successfully.

Halston is her perfume: orchids, tobacco and sex. The viewer is able to see the seductive person, with a sense of humor, wounded, traumatized, the creative genius who exposes himself in front of someone and bare his interior, while maintaining a fierce control over his vulnerability.

It’s less than five minutes of pure visual truth, finally. Because, in general, Netflix’s Halston is simply a sketch of the Halston that shone over the years. Derived from that first failure, with such a Wikipedian foundation, the second mistake follows. Halston was a reference for the fashion world of the 70s and one of his greatest contributions was his one-piece patterns cut on the bias, with minimal seams.

Seeing a designer tearing fabric on the floor is not enough. It’s a series about fashion, it’s relevant. It is expected. They are not even mentioned. This is a completely blurred portrait. Elsa Peretti and Halston after a fashion show in New York on June 15 by Ryan Murphy, although he based his series on the book "Simply Halston" by Steven Gaines, he has necessarily had to draw from a newspaper library and interviews with the designer.

And Halston’s usual gang was huge and with names that would be the dream of any magazine editor of the time. All non-existent or almost in the series. Again, wikipedia to the rescue. play it safe. When a biopic is made, there must be several sources that nourish the script with different visions and thus give it complexity and depth. Both features that the Netflix product lacks. In the year , CNN Films broadcast the magnificent documentary Halston by Frédéric Tcheng, where, in less than two hours, the designer comes to life again and fills the screen with magic just as he did in the 70s with his designs.

Also from his family that Ryan Murphy omits: his brothers and his niece, who worked with him. For those who do not wish to see the documentary, let us from Serielizados complete the work that Ryan Murphy has not done: Halston was a drug addict, yes, but he had a talent like few others. When he wanted to dress all the women in the world of any social class, geniuses are pampered by that megalomaniac ego, he created a collection for the popular JCPenney.

It was said in the media that this collection ended his career. The collection was successful. But, then, the classist Bergdorf Goodman and other equally snobs decided to withdraw Halston’s collections so that their clientele could continue to maintain their status and wear exclusive models. It was a full-fledged boycott and since, obviously, this situation caused losses, it created the perfect breeding ground that the Esmark corporation, in general, and Carl Epstein, in particular, opportunely grabbed to get rid of Halston and stop putting up with your creative whims.

The CNN Films documentary had to be an essential source for the creation of the Netflix series and, given the result, it could not have been. Obviously, there are 5 things that are saved from the bonfire: 1. From the first minute that she bursts onto the screen with her show «Liza con Z» she brings all the charisma, charm and personality that identifies the real artist herself.

In this sense, the good work of Ryan Murphy, experienced in musical series such as Pose and Glee, and the talent of Krysta Rodríguez, who was unable to develop her full potential in the expendable second season of Smash, come together. The work that Ewan McGregor does when it comes to emulating the designer Halston is commendable, at the level of bearing, composure, way of walking, gestures, gaze and, above all, diction, expression and voice modulation. It is true that in a strict comparison with the original, McGregor might seem exaggerated, but few actors could carry out this recreation with such ease, naturalness and good work.

Live design Seeing a genius at work, regardless of the sector to which he belongs, must be an unforgettable experience within the reach of few people. So, for lovers of fashion and design, connoisseurs of Halston’s technique and style, it can be very pleasant to watch a recreation of his work in the studio.

Krysta Rodriguez left. In fact, the loss of the Halston name is due to corporations, companies and their licenses and has nothing to do with the design. The designs and creativity of this genius are still valid and the Netflix story reveals the impact of Roy Halston Frowick today.

Jackie Kennedy opted for the pillbox hat for her husband JFK’s inauguration in the year , but that model is still used today. The Ultrasuede dress is a fashion icon and, although its name refers to a specific fabric, it is still a shirt dress that can be found in any store, Haute Couture or not, with the same pattern.

In the movie Sex and the City 2 don’t worry, we’re not mixing churras with merinos, Carrie Bradshaw wears up to three different and absolutely gorgeous Halston models. And, finally, we must not forget the visionary aspect of Halston’s business lines. In the 21st century, all the great designers create complementary lines to their designs, not just clothing.

Halston blazed a creative trail in his time, widely trodden today.