Hamster Breeds

Hamster Breeds

Russian. Credits: Dirk Goldhahn.

Most Hamster Breeds Russian Dwarf Hamster Golden Hamster Roborowski Hamster Campbell Hamster Harlequin Hamster Hamster.

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syrian or golden.

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Campbell’s Dwarf.

The main hamster breeds – My Animals

Depending on the color of their fur, they are known by different names such as Russian, Siamese, Chinese, Harlequin, etc. dwarf hamster. There are four types of hamster.

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Syrian Golden Hamster

It measures between 13 and 15cm and lives about 3 years. It has expandable pouches called pouches that extend from the cheek to the shoulders and are used to store food and carry it to burrows. That’s why when they eat it seems that they get chubby. It usually lives around three years. It originated in the Chinese steppes and is very resistant to cold, although it does not hibernate. However, their reproduction process changes due to low temperatures and there are certain times of the year when females cannot be fertilized.

Its reproduction is frequent, although it does not exceed 7 annual litters, being able to have up to 10 offspring per litter. It measures between 5 and 7cm in length and can live up to three years. It has soft fur that can be of various colors ranging from yellowish to reddish and has a tiny tail. He is very shy, but hyperactive. The females of this breed can breed until they are a year and a half old, after which they become sterile.

It measures 8cm and can live up to two years.

Syrian Hamster or Russian Hamster Which is better as a pet?