Hamster Houses

Houses For Hamsters: Types And Recommendations

Dacia house for hamsters. The Ferplast® Dacia Hamster House will offer you spacious and comfortable comfort, in addition to having a smaller space.

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Best houses for hamsters RESISTANT CAGE: Cage made of high quality fir wood. · FOR SMALL RODENTS: Perfect for hamsters, mice, gerbils.

CAGE FOR HAMSTERS: Which is the best of ?

Where to buy cages and houses for hamsters in Quito Guayaquil Cuenca Ambato Manta Machala and all of Ecuador.

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Visit the ranking of the best products of: Characteristics Separation between wires: 7. If you have any questions before and after the sale, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you solve your doubts as soon as possible. The front door makes it easy to access the cage, encouraging interaction with your pets. It is fully compatible with the rest of habitrail articles. Colorful, fun and creative gerbil cage. Deliver in random color. Large capacity cage, have enough space to move freely.

Ships with exercise wheel, feeder, waterer and shed. It is very easy to clean. A very comfortable material to disinfect. You can observe the pet at any time, ventilate the pet, there is no peculiar smell, and the pet can play safely. It is very suitable for outdoor activities with small animals.

You don’t need to bring a big cage when you travel. It can help you limit pets’ range of activities and prevent them from getting lost. When opening under spring pressure, keep away from children and faces. Collapsible Enclosure: Fully unfolded size is 40cm x 40cm and folded size is 20cm x 20cm.

The kettle is convenient for disassembly and water change and the height can be adjusted. You can feed the small animals in the office, bedroom, home, classroom, etc. High transparency, you can observe the daily activities of your little animals at any time. The small pet fence has a cover, so small animals don’t get exhausted when compressed.

When you go out, you don’t need to bring a big cage. Can limit the scope of pet activities. Very light, yet strong enough to make traveling and outings easy. Provide a safe tent for small pets. You can store large amounts of feed and hay in neat and tidy containers, saving space and not worrying about animals starving to death. The hay feeder can provide your small animals with hay, vegetables and other food, so that they can eat comfortably and are used to eating in the same place.

It is very suitable for keeping your room clean and tidy. Universal Wheel Design – Includes 4 swivel casters for easy movement and transport with safety locks to keep the cage in place when not in use.