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How to take care of my hamster’s teeth. Rodents have the peculiarity that their teeth do not stop growing throughout their lives.

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hamster tooth care. If you are a rodent lover, you will know that these types of animals have numerous characteristics.

The hamster’s teeth are 16 in total: four are incisors and the rest are molars. Therefore, they lack canines and premolars. the two incisors.

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To cut a hamster’s teeth, stretch the skin on its neck, forcing it to have a "smile". Place the nail scissors around the tooth to be cut.

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This happens first and foremost by a balanced and correct diet, which provides you with all the necessary nutrients. Provides water, minerals and vitamins. We must be careful not to offer carrots in excess because they could cause overweight. Wild HerbsHe really likes clover and dandelions.

Fresh or dried fruit. Appreciate pear, peach, apple, grape, strawberries and cherries. Nuts are very good but they are caloric, so be careful with excesses. Cereals oatmeal, bread, barley and wheat. Proteininsects, meat, fish and eggs. Therefore, they lack canines and premolars. That is why it is important to keep them monitored for the health of the rodent.

If you notice excessive growth of the incisors, especially if it is the first time, consult your veterinarian for advice. If the incisors grow crooked, misaligned, weak and broken, etc. Chinese chopsticks rich in vitamins and minerals available in the market. There are substances and objects that it is good to avoid for your health and to avoid poisoning the animal.

First of all, wood and wood treated with paint or chemicals. So pay attention to the wood you choose to put in the cage. In your inventive recipe it is a good idea not to miss out on fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, not forgetting crunchy foods like apples, celery and cauliflower. If you have recipe suggestions, tips on what to do to prevent cage biting, or other interesting experiences, please write them in the comments below.

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