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Perhaps you have never thought about it, but did you know that the shape of your hands, specifically your fingers, can influence when choosing the shape.

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nails-decorated-with-metallic-hands-and-feet-. Metallic tones are also a trend for gel nails, so go for a.

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importance of manicure. In order for your hands to shine, I will give you some nail proposals for marriage, whether you are the bride or guest.

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We will increase the difficulty as we progress in the article. So in this case we will start by decorating our nails with the French manicure. This type of manicure is widely used on bridal nails. When making this decoration, we can change the white adhesive strip for two lines of white enamel.

Nail decoration with Bows If you prefer to opt for a less striking but also fun decoration, nothing better than this. Blurred nail decoration We already ventured that the blurred nail decoration was one of the nail trends of the , well, today we solve all your doubts about how to achieve this decoration. To do this, we mix colors either directly on the sponge or on a flat surface that we don’t mind staining.

On this mixture, we wet the sponge and then pass it over our nails. Once we have done this process, if we want to fix the color and give it a special touch, once it has dried, we can give it a layer of shine, even with glitter. You can use this type of manicure for special events such as nails for Halloween or nails for Carnival.

What it is about is that you start in the center, where you can draw a diagonal stripe with the color you want. After letting it dry a bit, then it’s time to choose the second color and do exactly the same as we did with the first. Matte and shiny nail decoration Beautiful the effect of this type of nails.

It is very easy to get. We only have to take two enamels of the same color, but make sure that one is in the matte version and the other in the glossy version. Apply a layer of matte nail polish. When it dries, if necessary, put on another layer.

Then, when everything is dry, apply nail paper, diagonally, so that it is an elegant design. Apply the glitter polish and let it dry. the result is fabulous. Nail decoration with Marker It is the best way to get the drawing you want, with the precision of a cartoonist. Remember that if you want to paint on enamel, it must be very dry, but without the final top coat. Nail decoration with cut-out paper With a special type of paper, we get the effects we want.

To achieve the cloud effect, we cut the paper as if it were a cloud. We paint the first layer, let it dry and continue with another layer, so that there is a lot of contrast. We can do the same if we cut it in a zigzag with specialized scissors. We just have to paint and when it dries, we put the template. We paint over it and let it dry. We only apply nail polish on the drawing we want.

We take it with the silicone buffer and release it on the nail, so that the exact and perfect design remains. It is about making the drawing that interests us and before it dries, we will begin to remove it little by little with one of our tools. You have to have a little patience, but it’s great. Nail decoration with splashes The effect of splashes on the nails gives a very informal and original touch.

You just have to protect your fingers and the table where you are going to do the work, so that there is no enamel left everywhere. Place a first layer as a base and then wet the tip of the straw and then blow from the other side. So that it shoots out irregularly. Do it with several colors so that it is perfect. Half moon nail decoration Many know the French manicure, with its point of color at the edge of the nail. But this time, we’ll make it to the other side. With sheet protectors, for the rings.

Paint a first layer, let it dry and then put the protector on the base of the nail, paint another color and when it dries, remove the protector. Nail decoration with balls Nails fall short when it comes to starting the imagination, especially for design lovers. Very original and very fresh.

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