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Original Birthday Phrases To Dedicate To The Deceased

Happy Birthday to Heaven Another year without your presence. Another year without your presence, but there is something very important, and that is that time passes.

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Heaven is now your home, your stage and your life. —. happy birthday forever! Distance has never been an obstacle to congratulate you.

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Happy Birthday Phrases To Heaven To Dedicate Beautiful!

Your birthday in heaven Tender Love Phrases, Sky Phrases, Of Sadness I Hug You With My Heart My Saif From Heaven | Happy.

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New birthday phrases for the deceased The loss of a special person in our lives means a sad moment that we must accept. It is a sad moment that we all must face, and in these circumstances it takes a lot of strength to face this sad moment. The fact of not being able to celebrate one more birthday, not being able to enjoy happy moments that special person causes us a lot of sadness.

Download free birthday phrases to dedicate to deceased people: — «Every year on the date of your birth, it brings to mind the great celebrations that filled our spirit with joy. Now that you are gone, we will always remember you for the wonderful person you always were. We miss your love and your wise advice.

I raise my prayers so that you can see me and realize that I love you with all my soul» Category :birthday phrases to dedicate to the deceased — «Since you left us several years ago, you left a big hole in my life. Now we celebrate your birthday and make a toast to return to your best memories. Category :birthday phrases to dedicate to the deceased — «We ​​pray to the Lord to make us strong and that we can accept the sad news of your death. Now we are on your birthday and you are in heaven, we want you to feel our love and affection.

I love you and I wish you a happy birthday» Category :birthday phrases to dedicate to the deceased — «I thank you for all the love you gave us in life, and now that you are in heaven for giving us your protection. Happy day dear sister, it makes us very happy to keep your memories in our hearts» Category :birthday phrases to dedicate to the deceased — «We ​​wish for your birthday, all the love we feel for you can reach heaven and that we maintain despite your death.

Happy day, protect me until the day comes when we have to meet again in heaven» Category :birthday phrases to dedicate to the deceased — «Today, which is your birthday, I would like to give you all my love. I wish you a happy birthday wherever you are leading a better life today. Use of cookies This website uses cookies so that you have the best user experience.