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Never more. No more obsession, no more madness, no more Joker. I finally see him for what he is: a killer, manipulator, hopeless.

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My madness is your madness Fregonas Phrases, Sarcasm Phrases, Indirect Phrases, Great Phrases Some of the best quotes from Harley quinn Sad Phrases.

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Harley Quinn’s phrases of hate · *I don’t need your help, I’ll take care of it. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought the guy should give it a.

Of course, Batman wouldn’t be the same without the Joker…and the Joker wouldn’t have the same charm without Harley Quinn. I’ll never understand why Superman wears the same clothes every day. Introduce a bit of anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I am an agent of chaos – Joker. I guess that’s what makes it so exciting to watch. Very dangerous. Even perfect at times, but also very destructive — Joker on Harley Quinn. Find what you love and let it kill you.

Says the guy who lives in a sewer. Killer Crocodile: At Least I Know It’s a Sewer. Harley Quinn: Oh, I see. Killer Crocodile: Let me guess. Mommy didn’t take you to Chuck E. Cheese for your sixth birthday. I can recommend a good therapist. Harley quinn crazy love quotes It’s a pleasure to meet you. I love your perfume. Normal is a setting on the dryer. Harley Insanity Harley Quinn Quotes It Was An Office Romance Gone Bad.

I’m only going to hurt you a lot. i can take it. The fire in my guts. The itch in my crotch. I’m all yours. Do not make me waste my time. digger harkness. Charges: 54 Incidents of Aggravated Injuries. Fetishes: Pink Unicorns. They robbed every bank in Australia at least once.

Then he came to the United States to rob new banks. Doesn’t work well as a team. Videos of Phrases of love of harley quinn Content.