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Harley Quinn: What You Should Know About The Character

Harley Quinn is a fictional character created by Americans Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for DC Comics. Quinn made his debut in the twenty-second episode of Batman: The Animated Series, "The Joker’s Favor," in September and.

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Harley Quinn has always been a character very loved by fans of DC comics but, at the same time, with a history of the most.

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Harley Quinn appears in the Birds of Prey series played by actress Mia Sara. She is the main one and uses her work as a psychiatrist as a front.

the doctor. Harleen Frances Quinzel, later known as Harley Quinn, is a fictional character played by Margot Robbie in the Extended Universe of.

Harley Quinn: What you should know about the character

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey in Los Angeles, More Information. How To Draw A Horse ยท From Harley Quinn.

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The success of the character was so great that Harley went from the small screen to cartoons. The fact is that previously Harley Quinn was really Dr. He told her heartbreaking and quite possibly untrue stories of a miserable childhood and she fell madly in love with him. He decided to end their relationship by locking Harley inside a rocket and trying to put her into orbit.

As a climax and to put the finishing touch to the "special" relationship that the Joker and Harley have, the Joker himself, in the comic, made the following statement: "I have noticed the arrival of some changes since you came into my life. I have remembered what it was like to feel part of a couple. take care of someone who takes care of me.

In DC Rebirth, we already read how the authors look for the personality of the character and try to give her a place of her own by wrapping her up with a gallery of friends and enemies. The exploration of who Harley Quinn is has many stumbling blocks that have helped the character lay the foundations for her own profile that continues to evolve, a path in which many readings of the character are opened and one of them responds to the denunciation of macho abuse, let’s remember that she is a survivor.

In the first one she wore a nurse’s dress, while in the second part she wears a top and tight leather pants. In the third, which served as a prequel, she was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

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