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Harry Styles Turned Down A Role In The Little Mermaid Because Of His Music

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There are assigned seats, and Harry’s concerts are much quieter than Travis Scottes Travis, in the past, encouraged and animated in the.

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Harry Styles turned down a role in The Little Mermaid because of his music

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Harry Styles, a member of One Direction, is a boy with a star, a boy born to succeed. But you’ve had a long way to go to get to where you are now. At Happy FM we wanted to review his life. Promo Holmes Chapel, a small English town, witnessed the birth of a star on February 1. Harry’s inseparable companion since birth was Gemma, his older sister. Harry Styles’ parents separated when he was only 7 years old, but he has assured that they have always supported him in everything and, like Gemma, they have always been by his side.

But this is not all. The employees of the same have assured, years later, that it is a kind, affectionate and very happy boy. Soon four companions appeared in his life who would accompany him in the fight for his dream. And there began the resounding race towards the dream of his life.

Even the boys of One Direction have claimed that for them everything happened in the blink of an eye. X Factor was for Harry what he had always dreamed of. And it is that Harry Styles had come to stay. One Direction did not win the contest, but they had already built a legion of fans that would never leave them. A dream come true. What little Harry Styles of Holmes Chapel didn’t know was that this was nothing compared to what was yet to come. Harry’s voice had become fundamental for the group, it can be said that in its beginnings, when some of his companions had not yet worked sufficiently on their voice, Harry Styles’s was the one that carried all the weight in most of the songs. songs.

The fan phenomenon had multiplied by thousands of fans packed the airports and the doors of the hotels where the boys were staying. At the concerts there was no room for a pin and the voices of their followers, singing One Direction songs at the top of their lungs, came to eclipse those of the 5.

I was touching her dream, it was hers. An album in which we began to get to know, very little by little, the true musical tastes of our boys and with which Harry felt very comfortable on stage. We saw the real Harry Styles.

Attentive to his fans, joker with his teammates and very dedicated to the songs. A special album, although at the time of launching it they did not imagine it. A true world tour. However, it was not what the boys expected. They started the tour being 5 and finished it being only 4. Zayn Malik left the band on March 25 and with him went a part of Harry’s dream, a part of his life.

We saw an affected and sad Harry Styles at the concerts after Zayn’s goodbye, a Harry Styles different from the one we had seen before. But, after this, the boys of One Direction decided to take a break. He is still the same person, with his feet on the ground, fulfilling his dream, but without forgetting where he comes from. And it is that Harry is all goodness, pure goodness.

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