He Is Like That

This Is That: The New Romantic Comedy To Watch On Netflix

When young influencer Padgett suffers a humiliating cheating on video from her boyfriend that goes viral, she tries to salvage her tarnished reputation by securing a.

Addison Rae is the actress who is like that, the remake of the ’90s classic She’s All That, which since its premiere was ranked among the.

TikTok sensation Addison Rae in her debut and Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai). Directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls). Videos. He is like that.

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He’s All That is an American teen romantic comedy film

He is like that: The new romantic comedy to watch on Netflix

In this version of the movie She’s Like That, an influencer accepts a challenge: make the lonely boy from school the king of the prom.

No wonder all the boys are furious around Padgett. An unknown situation for Padgett who wants to change. She makes a bet that she can win over underdog Cameron and make him prom king. What starts out as an unpleasant game turns into a roller coaster of emotions for Padgett. Although she swears that everything should just be a dare, she gradually develops feelings for Cameron.

The tough beauty from school must realize that she has made a big mistake. At the age of nine, he pursued an acting career. After he formed, it wasn’t long before he landed his first television role. His father’s name is Steven and his mother is Michelle Pettis. At the age of 10 he started working as a child print model. She has photographed in milk bone dog biscuit boxes. The eldest of the Kardashian family not only keeps a cool head in business, but also in private life.

Even as a teenager, she was already ambitious: During her school days, Kourtney often sewed clothes for herself and her friends. His parents Elizabeth and Robert Meyer are US citizens. He has two brothers: Dillon Meyer and Cole Meyer.

He belongs to the white ethnic group and is American by nationality.

Someone Like Him – Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan – Official Trailer – Netflix